Feet on the Ground

'Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. Refuse to be average or to surrender to the chill of your spiritual environment.' - Arthur Helps Feet are the principal foundation for all standing poses and active in all inversions and arm balances, most backbends and forward bends, many twists and hip openers. They allow us to stand, walk, run, jump and generally have mobility in life. They are our wheels, yet we probably give more care and attention to the tyres on our cars. A stark foot neglect memory springs to mind. I was ​​standing on a busy train coming back from London when a glamorous, immaculately preened woman walked on with perfectly painted toes pointed


'Drowning in the sea of tears you're crying, are you worried that you're happier at war than at peace' - John Moreland One of the strangest things I have come to realise is how attached we are as humans to our misery. We hang on to what has been done to us, to those who have hurt us, to the conditions we have been diagnosed with. We build a very distinct and rigid sense of self around these labels, which restricts us more than we realise. Our language even reinforces this attachment - I am sad, I am anxious, I am depressed, I am angry. In Spanish they often say 'I have' instead of 'I am'. Tengo miedo = I have fear. This gives the impression of a much more temporary state of being rather than


When it comes down to it, connection is what we are all looking for. Connection is our driving force and our ultimate goal, yet we continually block our access to this blissful state of being choosing instead to barricade ourselves into our emotional forts, drawing up the drawbridge to true, authentic connection when things get rocky. It’s difficult to put the feeling of connection into words but it is a feeling with the power to completely transform our lives. Often we feel most unhappy when we lose connection and we might not even realise that we were missing it until we find it again. When we feel connected our outlook on the world can completely change. Connection to our true selves can

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