July 19, 2018

Back from our Women's Nature & Yoga Retreat in Cornwall last week and 4 days later I still don't truly have words for the experience of our retreat last week. Settling back into domesticated life with so much love and a lot of growing pains.

When women come together in...

July 4, 2018

I learned early on that I love you did not mean I will take care of you. In fact quite the opposite; life had taught me that the words I love you were often closely followed by being hit, hurt, thrown, strangled, raped, terrified, vilified, belittled, shamed or cheated...

July 3, 2018

Menstrual cycle awareness together with yoga, meditation and nature are my essential life supports and help me to navigate much of the emotional messiness that life and menstruation bring to the table but that is not to say that I always get it right. The premenstrual...

July 3, 2018

Menstrual cycle awareness has quite literally saved my life. Despite experiencing crushing lows, debilitating pain and extreme uncontrolled rage for much of my bleeding life from menarche at 11 through to learning how to cooperate with my cycle at 29, I consistently tu...

July 1, 2018

When I was 25 I read a book called ‘Eastern Body Western Mind’ by Anodea Judith, a recommended reading for my Yoga Teacher Training course. This book broke me in the best of ways but it was not enjoyable, in fact it was immensely painful and it left my crying and distr...

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March 10, 2020

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