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About Carly and Moon Forest Flow

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Carly Chandler-Morris (she/her), founder of Moon Forest Flow and her Patreon community, Wild Woman Club is a mama, yoga teacher, writer, circle facilitator, menstrual mentor and rewilding advocate and lives for all things wild & cyclical.

She lives in a caravan full of cactuses in the English countryside with her husband Josh, a writer & silversmith and their daughter Dolores. 

As a certified Hatha, meditation, Well Woman Yoga Therapy, Restorative, Pregnancy & Yoga Nidra teacher, she offers wild and cyclical practices and circles for women of all ages, life stages and cycle phases. 

Before she discovered yoga she felt broken and was living in survival mode. She went from work to sleep to work and from addiction to obsession looking for something she felt was missing in places she would never find it.

That first taste of savasana in an East London gym class had her pouring with tears and howling with laughter as years of hardness melted away. She followed that feeling up mountains, down streams, into woodlands, onto retreats and through her dreams. Slowly she began to find what she had been looking for, discovering it had been within her all along. A journey had begun to remember the wildness within.

And so Moon Forest Flow was born.

From its very inception, long before becoming a mother herself, Moon Forest Flow has always been about reinstating the village. Recapturing the feeling of a time when we were surrounded by the wisdom and company of women and girls of all ages, stages and cycle phases.

Some of the most memorable and special Moon Forest Flow moments have unfolded when the spaces have reflected our wilder communities of times passed.

In the village, we would have been surrounded and supported by those of every age, from babes in arms to greying silver vixens and everything in between. Every woman would have had a place and a role regardless of their womb status and choices. The wisdom of nature and women would have been woven into the core of our communities.

In our western world, there is a trend for attending a specialist yoga class for each phase of life and she certainly believes in the value of these spaces but has also seen firsthand how wildly natural it is for us all to gather together. Our primal senses perceive it as a homecoming to our original way of life. To our hunter-gatherer roots. And we both come alive and deeply relax at the very same time.

Wild Woman Club & Wild Woman Yoga are spaces for the whole village and honour the shifting needs of a woman’s womb life through a lifetime.
She invites you to join her and bring your own flavour of the Feminine to her spaces.

She offers a wide selection of yoga, meditation and yoga nidra practices online via her Patreon page: Wild Woman Club and also offers one-off yoga classes, menstrual mentoring courses, workshops, circles and her nature-based retreat, Wild Woman Camp. 

In 2021 she released her first book Know Grow Flow which shares her experiences, thoughts and ideas around cyclical living through Menstrual Cycle Awareness.



Reconnecting to nature, reclaiming our cyclical wildness, restoring the village

Learn more about...

My book: Know Grow Flow
Patreon community: Wild Woman Club
Wild Woman Yoga

Yoga Nidra
Menstrual Mentoring

Suspended Yoga

Wild Woman Camp

Moon Forest Flow Mission & Aim



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I completed my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training course through my local training provider, Whitespace Yoga, in June 2016. Since then I have taken the training courses below and am committed to always learning, developing and growing.

Certification and Experience


  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Whitespace Yoga Studio ~ March 2015-June 2016

  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra and iRest with Restful Being ~ October 2016

  • Teaching Vinyasa Flow with Dawn Wright at Whitespace Yoga Studio ~ January 2017

  • Well Woman Yoga Therapy Course with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli ~ November 2017

  • Total Yoga Nidra Immersion with Nirlipta Tuli ~ January 2018

  • Healing Early Developmental Trauma Through the Body with Ralf Marzen ~ October 2019

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours with Deborah Berryman at Whitespace Yoga Studio ~ December 2019

  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training at Whitespace Yoga Studio with Dawn Wright ~ October 2020

  • ​Professional BSY Holistic Fertility Therapy Diploma ~ 2021 pending

Mentoring & Study

  • Mentoring and workshops with my mentor and guide Naseem Khakoo

  • Wild Power Course with Red School and TreeSisters ~ February - April 2018, Online

  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice since 2012, cycle tracking since 1999, Menstrual Cycle Awareness Mentoring since 2018

A Note on Certification...

As fellow Menstrual Cycle Awareness advocate, Vickie Williams, once said. 'I'm a woman, that's my training' and I wholeheartedly agree. I also live and breathe this work each and every day of my life. My menstrual cycle is the foundation from which the rest of my life grows and flows. I have facilitated women's circles since 2016, regular Well Woman Yoga classes since 2017 and have seen many women 1-1 over the years in my Menstrual Mentoring sessions which over time has exposed me to the goldmine of many different experiences of menstruation and the menstrual cycle. 

Some of the best teachers, healers, facilitators and musicians I've ever met are the ones that are self-taught. I believe wholeheartedly in trusting a person and their innate skills and passions over a certificate, particularly because often the people with a lot of innate skill and passion don't have the resources to train as training is expensive! I have a vision that some day we'll be able to pass yoga on through mentorship for free like the old days and sack off all this officialdom.

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