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Wed, 17 Jan


The Yurt

New Moon Nature, Nourish & Nidra

An evening of rest, replenishment and ritual. In honour of this first New Moon of the year, the New Moon in Capricorn, we will gather in our circle to rest fully, breathe deeply, honour the moon through ritual and honour each other and ourselves through our sharing circle.

Registration is now closed, this gathering is fully booked
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New Moon Nature, Nourish & Nidra
New Moon Nature, Nourish & Nidra

Time & Location

17 Jan 2018, 18:00 – 21:00

The Yurt, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes MK17, UK

About The Event

New Moon Women's Circle and Yoga Nidra

All ages welcome (children under 16 to be accompanied by a responsible adult)


An evening of rest, replenishment and ritual.

In honour of this first New Moon of the year, the New Moon in Capricorn, we will gather in our circle to rest fully, breathe deeply, honour the moon through ritual and honour each other and ourselves through our sharing circle.


This circle focuses on the importance of dreamtime and rest and the creativity and vitality that await us there. The more we can harness our cycles and the cycles of nature, the more deeply we can rest, the more creativity and healing we can access and the more sacred soulfulness we might find in our every day lives.

‘In the native American tradition if you wanted to destroy a village you simply destroyed the Moon Lodge – the place where the woman gathered every new moon to intuit insight to govern the tribe. So it stands to reason that the fastest way to rebuild our global village is to re-instate the tradition of the Moon Lodge or Red Tent.’ - Tanishka


The New Moon in Capricorn teaches us to live life as agile, steady and focused as the mountain goat on the beautiful, breath-taking and treacherous mountain of life. Slow and steady, step by step we head towards our hopes and dreams. Feet on the rocky ground, head in the clouds.


I am a WaterCarrier for TreeSisters and donate 10% of profits from gatherings to fund the planting of trees and the support of the women planting them across the world's rainforests.




6-6:30pm - gather in the garden room for tea, decoration and socialising or rest

6:30-8:30pm - new moon circle and Yoga Nidra

8:30-9pm - sharing of offerings and socialising or rest

What to bring:

• A mug or thermos for tea (a variety of herbal tea bags provided) and drinking water (no running water at the yurt)

• Journal and pen (or pen and paper)

• Rug/mat to separate you from the yurt floor for the Nidra

• Pillow and blankets to keep you warm and comfortable during the Nidra

• Warm comfortable layers for the yurt (it can get really warm, so the ability to strip down a few layers is good!)

• Drinking water (not drinking water available)

• An offering*

*nourishing veggie/vegan food, flowers, incense, poems, songs, crystals, candles, something you’ve made, anything at all!


To book please email

Payment in advance to confirm place (payment details sent via email on booking)

Location information and detailed joining instructions will be sent out closer to the date to all those booked on.


£20 in advance

Prices for children and concessions available (please do ask!)



New Moon Circles

A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle and during this time the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential. This is an optimum time to be still and receive, maybe to plant the seeds of intentions for what you wish to manifest in your life. The New Moon provides a regular reminder to create sacred space in our lives, space for us to drop out of the mundane and reconnect to the magical.

There is something incredibly powerful about women gathering under the dark moon in their softness, vulnerability and power. To have a space in this world of restraint to show emotion, to speak our truth and our doubts and be held in the full support of our sisters however we show up is completely invaluable and calls us home to ourselves.

Lunar Women’s Circles (Moon Lodges) are an ancient tradition stemming from a time when we shared so much more of life with each other than we do today. We would forage, cook and rear our children together and we made time to celebrate what it meant to be a woman by honouring rites of passage, childbirth, fertility, menopause and the cycles of natures, especially those of the moon.

Women as cyclical beings feel an intrinsic connection to the moon and when the moon is dark and new it is empty, receptive and full of potential, creating the ideal environment for women to gather together in a sacred space to replenish, nourish, support and heal.

Women intuitively know how to heal and nourish each other making this time spent together essential for our wellbeing, allowing for rest, recalibration, reconnection and rewilding.


Warm and dry for the forest, layers you can move easily in for the yurt. You are welcome to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, beautiful, sensual, wild, tribal, whatever you feel is right for you. Pyjamas, simple comfortable clothing, jungle jane attire or evening dress are all totally welcome and invited.

If you want to get creative, decorative, elaborate you are very welcome but the most important thing is that you are comfortable and feel good.


Inclusivity policy:

Moon circles are family friendly and open to women of all ages and circumstances.

In times passed we would have shared so much more of life with each other than we do now and this would have included the raising of children. Our children would have been welcomed into the lodge and raised communally, garnering the invaluable knowledge and wisdom of the ebb and flow of all things. This inclusive and open environment is crucially important to the rewilding of life and as such these moon lodge gatherings are open to women of all ages and circumstances.

Whether bleeding or not, with or without a womb, pregnant, with small ones in tow, breastfeeding, peri-menopausal, menopausal or in the wisdom years. We all have our own unique wisdom to bring and stories to tell. This passing down of wisdom through the generations is an ancient practice without which we suffer. The reinstatement of the moon lodge provides a valuable space of healing, learning, nurturing, retreat and replenishment, a space that is more crucially essential to our wellbeing than ever before.

Children are welcome to play, read, draw, colour in or participate in the circle as you feel right. I just ask that you are happy to be fully responsible for them and keep them safe. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Moon circles are women only.

Many, many women have suffered abuse in some way whether mental, physical or sexual and for these women it is crucially important to have a safe space to explore regaining trust in their bodies, minds, emotions and others. It is for this reason that these gatherings are women only but this does not mean that we are man haters or anything of the kind! We are just coming together in the safety and security of our sisterhood to relearn how to trust and love so that we might better trust and love in our intimate relationships, families and friendships.


Please do get in contact if you have any questions at all, to book or to be added to the mailing list for future gatherings and retreats.

See you under the stars!

Carly x

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