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Sat, 25 Apr


Zoom online

Rhythmical Rebellion for Earth Day - Online Women's Circle

Gathering together to remember the importance of rhythmical life and take a stand for rhythm. For too long we've been sold the myth of consistency, predictability and infinite resource and we're tired. Really fucking tired. Something's got to give.

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Rhythmical Rebellion for Earth Day - Online Women's Circle
Rhythmical Rebellion for Earth Day - Online Women's Circle

Time & Location

25 Apr 2020, 11:00 – 13:30 BST

Zoom online


About The Event

Rhythmical Rebellion

Taking a Stand for Rhythm for Earth Day 

An Online Women's Circle by donation

Saturday 25th April 2020


Zoom online (link sent on booking)

Gathering together to remember the importance of rhythmical life and take a stand for rhythm ♥

For too long we've been sold the myth of consistency, predictability and infinite resource and we're tired, the Earth is tired. Really fucking tired. Something's got to give. So we're cracking out some good old fashioned 90s Riot Grrrl, moving in tune with our inner rhythms and resting HARD before sharing whatever we're feeling without filter (always optional). 


PRACTICE FOCUS: Rhythmical Rebellion

As I always say, cyclical living is not just the remit of women and people with periods. Rhythmical life is integral to the wellbeing of all life.

Understand . Accept . Cooperate 

The simple act of understanding, accepting and cooperating with how your cycle and the cycles of nature impact you and your life can be game changing. To realise we are not mental but elemental can bolster self confidence and provide a powerful sense of inner knowing and inner strength. In the words of Zahra Haji of 'self understanding is a precursor to self love' and acceptance is powerful.

Uphill Struggle vs. Downstream Flow

The way many of us (though I'm pleased to say not all!) have been raised, socialised and schooled means that we may have come to view the menstrual cycle (and life!) as an uphill struggle to be fought against rather than a helpful current to be followed, a downstream flow guiding us back home to ourselves and our power. Flipping that script is a profound act of social rebellion for women and people with periods everywhere.

Linear Consistency isn't Sustainable and Pleasure is our Birth Rite

The myth of consistency, predictability and infinite resource runs deep in this culture that still prioritises productivity over the health and wellbeing of its people. A culture that views the priority of pleasure and rest as indulgent and lazy and looks down on anyone who isn’t showing up consistently in their life or work. But linear consistency isn’t sustainable and pleasure is our birth rite.

Lie Down before you Break Down

The menstrual cycle doesn't give a shit about commitments, deadlines and duties and when we choose or are pressured, forced, coerced or encouraged to ignore the rhythms of our bodies our cycle will have something to say about it and so often it takes getting to breaking point before we choose to listen. 

The Rhythmical Route

Menstrual Cycle Awareness and cyclical living invites you to tune out from the noise of society and tune into the sacred sound of your inner rhythms. Through listening inwardly before moving outwardly you may discover a way of life more in sync with the tapping of your own internal metronome and feel as though all of life is flowing downstream.

‘Our wild power is the feminine waiting to be known through our individual experience. It’s our personal service to the revolution. Not a revolution imposed on us but an organic evolution that works through our bodies.’ ~ Alexandra Pope


£1 from every donation will be sent to TreeSisters

This work is not limited to just the female sex or those with a menstrual cycle more info here:

NOTE: As part of my insurance if you are new to my classes I need to have a short consultation with you first (email/phone). And everyone needs to fill in and return the health form before joining the session. Thank you so much for understanding ♥ 

Feel free to invite anyone you might like to join you.

Learn about my online classes and download the health form here:

Learn more about Wild Woman Yoga here:

Learn more about Women's Circles here:



NEW MOON/WAXING CRESCENT ~ We'll be emerging from the new moon into the first little sliver of a waxing crescent. 

The new moon is the low point of the lunar cycle, a time for rest, retreat and visioning. It also marks the start of a new cycle, an opportunity to shed old skins and step into something new. 

The waxing crescent is a time to explore dreams and begin to let them grow. A time to have faith in all that you are. 



Arrive early for a tea, cards and chats if you want to anytime from 10:45

Opening check in ~ at the start of the session we'll be sharing just our names and a word or two about how we feel 

Wild Woman Yoga

Our asana practice will be guided by the needs, wants and rhythms of the group. There will be options for all phases of the menstrual cycle as well as different energy levels and vibes you might be working with. So your practice might be an hour of restorative, a dynamic, strong and sweaty practice or a slow and sensual roll around on the floor. WHATEVER you feel. An invitation to practice listening to your body and your rhythms and how to flow with them. 

Read more here:

Yoga Nidra ~ Our practice will end with a Yoga Nidra, a practice of deep rest through wakeful sleep that blends the benefits of deep sleep, deep meditation and deep relaxation into one effortless practice. 

Read more here:

Women's Circle ~ At the end of the session we'll break out into breakout rooms to share (this enables each person to share for longer!) and then we'll come back together with space for a few group shares too. 

A women's circle is simple, it's a space where we can come and just be, where you can show up exactly as you are unfiltered. A place to rest, breathe, feel and move. A place to be seen AND heard in a world where women have been taught to be seen and NOT heard. Sharing is ALWAYS optional. You are welcome to simply quietly soak in the words of others. 

Read more:

Commitment to Rhythm ~ We'll be closing by making a personal comittment to rhythmical rebellion that we can stick to <3



When it comes to yoga I love to work hard, play hard and rest incredibly hard! I like to sweat, dance, roll around, laugh, cry, try things I don't think I can do, explore things I love and liberate myself from the confines of structure and form to invoke feelings of freedom and wildness.

My intention as a teacher is to invite the exploration of freedom and unearth the many individual pathways to liberation through movement, self enquiry, meditation and breath. Exploring resistance, defences and patterns through the lens of movement, meditation and relaxation to discover the freedom to breathe well, move well and live well. ​

I seek to offer an inclusive, supportive, autonomous and nurturing environment which offers the space and freedom to explore the practice in a way that suits and serves our ever shifting mental, physical and emotional needs.

I love to explore challenge as I feel yoga can reveal to us that we are capable of so much more than we think we are and helps to challenge self-limiting beliefs.

I offer movement inspired by our wild nature; playful, spontaneous, fluid and self-guided and regularly weave stories, themes and ideas from daily life and nature into the practices. My teachings are very much rooted in the modern day whilst also drawing inspiration from the traditions of the practice and the old ways.

I choose to bring the truth of how I feel to each and every class because I truly believe the more human we can be with each other, the easier it becomes for us to be human.



Explorations of the Feminine are inherently inclusive and as such these circles are open to all who identify as women including trans, non-binary or any other expression or identification of femininity. These circles value diversity of expression, experience and perspectives. 

Open to all ages, life stages and cycle phases, including babies and young children (with adults).



How to Attend: 

~ Click ticket link, register and choose your ticket price based on your income/situation right now

~ Choose manual payment for bank transfer, bank details will be emailed to you automatically on booking or Paypal if you prefer

~ A Zoom link will be sent to you in the confirmation email you will simply need to download the software and sign in before the time of our call

Exchange by donation:

A donation is not a prerequisite for joining but it is of course appreciated if you're able

Choose your amount at check out 


Zoom (link on booking)


~ Ideally you'll have some space and privacy but that's not entirely possible right now or even normally! So it's totally fine if you have animals/children/partners/parents around you too ♥ just let us know who's in the room so we know

~ You might like to make sure everything's working an hour or so before the call so that there's time to troubleshoot

~ It might be nice to set up your space with your mat, blankets, cushions, eye cover, candles, special items, cup of tea to make this a sacred new moon retreat time just for you

~ Learn about online yoga here:

To bring: 

~ Fully charged laptop/device with audio and video capacity

~ Playlist (will be emailed) or your own tunes if you want to and a speaker to play it through 

~ Hot drink / water

~ Yoga mat

~ Space to lie down and comfy blankets and pillows to practice Yoga Nidra

~ Blankets, pillows, eye cover (anything else you like to use in practice!)

~ Props for restorative if you have them - we can improvise with pillows, blankets, books, cushions if not 

Wild love, 

Carly x


  • £15 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).

  • £10 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).

  • £8 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).

  • £6 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).

  • £5 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).

  • £3 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).

  • FREE for all who need

    Free for anyone who is unable to donate right now <3 no questions asked

  • £20 donation

    Choose manual payment to pay via bank transfer (details will be emailed).




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