Fri, 28 Aug | Furtho Manor Farm

Wild Yoga on the Farm for All (in person)

Rising with the sun to move our way into the morning. Like an extended first morning stretch to help land into the day feeling replenished and rested.
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Wild Yoga on the Farm for All (in person)

Time & Location

28 Aug 2020, 08:30 – 09:30 BST
Furtho Manor Farm, Northampton Rd, Milton Keynes MK19 6NR, UK

About The Event

Wild Yoga on the Farm for All*


Furtho Manor Farm (more details sent on booking)

Rising with the sun to move our way into the morning. Like an extended first morning stretch to help land into the day feeling replenished, refreshed and rested ♥

This class is open to all and is not a women only class

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Wild Yoga is about immersing in our natural home and reconnecting to nature and her cycles to reaffirm our connection with the inner and outer rhythms that guide and inform our very being.

We take our yoga practice into nature to reclaim our wildness. Through the senses, play, embodied movement, mindfulness and deep rest we liberate our inner wildness. 

Yoga and nature are great teachers of surrendering to the flow and being released from expectations of consistency, predictability and infinite resource. When immersed in the flow of a yoga practice or absorbed in the beauty and majesty of nature everything else slips away and true embodiment becomes possible. Bringing yoga and nature together has always felt like a homecoming.

My intention is for you to move in tune with your body, your needs, your rhythms. As such the practice will be an invitation for you to explore the pace, energy and effort level that feels good for you.

You are invited to take or leave as much of the guidance as is useful and use suggestions as a jumping off point for your own practice. 

You are also welcome to follow along with all of the guidance if you don't feel like thinking or interoception doesn't feel comfortable to you in the moment. 

Expect a mix and match blend of:

  • Pranayama (breath work) 
  • Nature based meditations
  • Earthing (standing barefoot on the ground)
  • Yoga asana (physical yoga) guided by you and your rhythms - I offer invitations, suggestions and many different options so that you can begin to find the ways you feel like moving 
  • Some weeks we take a short Yoga Nidra to close (Deep Relaxation practice)



I love...

When it comes to yoga I love to work hard, play hard and rest incredibly hard! I like to sweat, dance, roll around, laugh, cry, try things I don't think I can do, explore things I love and liberate myself from the confines of structure and form to invoke feelings of freedom and wildness.

I love to explore challenge as I feel yoga can reveal to us that we are capable of so much more than we think we are and helps to challenge self-limiting beliefs.

Working Towards Being Completely Permissive & Inclusive

I seek to offer an inclusive, supportive, autonomous and nurturing environment which offers the space and freedom to explore the practice in a way that suits and serves your ever shifting mental, physical and emotional needs. I am defiant and rebellious and don't enjoy being told what to do so I try not to tell you what to do either and instead use permissive invitational language whilst still providing enough containment to hold the practice space safely.

My intention: Freedom

My intention as a teacher is to invite the exploration of freedom and unearth the many individual pathways to liberation through movement, self enquiry, meditation, breath, community and rest. Exploring resistance, defences and habitual patterns through the lens of movement, meditation and relaxation to discover the freedom to breathe well, move well and live well. ​

I offer: Wildness 

I offer movement inspired by our wild nature; playful, spontaneous, fluid, cyclical, rhythmic and self-guided and regularly weave stories, themes and ideas from daily life and nature into the practices. My teachings are very much rooted in the modern day whilst also drawing inspiration from the traditions of the practice and the old ways.

I choose: Honesty 

I choose to bring the truth of how I feel to each and every class because I truly believe the more human we can be with each other, the easier it becomes for us to be human.

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Open to all. This class is not exclusive to women. ALL humans big or small. Sadly no doggies as it's a working farm.



How to Attend: 

~ Click ticket link, register and choose your donation based on your income/situation right now

~ Choose manual payment for bank transfer, bank details will be emailed to you automatically on booking or Paypal if you prefer

~ You will be sent joining instructions with all of the information you need to join

~ Arrivals from 08:15


FREE to anyone who needs it via Suspended Yoga - choose the SY ticket option ♥ 

FREE to keyworkers 

Suggestion donation of between: £5-15


Furtho Manor Farm outdoors (more details sent on booking)


~ Download and complete your health form before attending (at the bottom of this page):

~ Please read and follow the guidelines in my Corona safe policy:

~ Make sure you're weather ready for maximum comfort and enjoyment 

To bring: 

~ Yoga mat

~ Drinking water 

~ Hand sanitiser 

~ Blankets, pillows, eye cover (anything else you like to use in practice!)


~ If the weather is really bad I will cancel via email and provide transfer or refund 

~ You are invited to transfer onto the following week or one of my online classes 

See you there! 

Wild love, 

Carly x

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