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Illustration: Laura Trinder


Delve into the Forest

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Reconnecting to nature

Reclaiming the wild soul

Restoring the natural world

Embodying Forest is an invitation to reconnect to nature, reclaim your wild soul and become a warrior for the forests.

Our senses evolved in the forests and it is here that they thrive. We were never intended to live the way we do in the modern world and as a consequence we can be left feeling empty and unsatisfied. Our modern way of living violates the natural cycle of reactive stress and responsive recovery and leaves us with a baseline of perpetual stress.


Nature is a natural antidote to our unnatural lives and has been scientifically proven to reduce the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in our bodies. Regular time in nature combined with nourishing yoga practices can overtime bring our baseline back to a more natural, balanced state.

As we Delve into the Forest we remember the importance of our relationship with nature and the perceived gap between us and the rest of the natural world is dissolved.

Nature and humans are by definition not separate entities; we are part of nature as much as the trees in the forest and the creatures that inhabit them. We are a species of animal like any other, made of the same compounds as the earth, the wind, the moon and the stars and if we are to reclaim a full life, the life we were intended to live, we must know this interconnectedness to be true.


We must feel it so deeply that we are driven to call it from the treetops, mountains sides, riverbanks and oceans. The more of us that hear this call, the more of us there are to protect, proliferate and restore the natural world to her rightful and abundant glory and in so doing beginning the process of restoring our wild, natural, cyclical and meaningful lives.

When we hear the call it stirs a primal response in us that can't be unfelt and we become warriors for the forests, taking a stand for rhythm and proliferating restoration on behalf of Mother Earth and womankind; deeply aware of how inextricably linked our wellbeing is to that of nature.

The Forest branch of our practice is about reconnecting to nature, freeing our inner wildness and giving back to the natural world.

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