Know, Grow, Flow Workbook

Cyclical Living Through Menstrual Cycle Awareness

get to know your cycle, grow with your cycle & learn how to flow with your Cycle

Coming soon online and in print!

A workbook style introduction to the basics of Menstrual Cycle Awareness including:

  • What is the menstrual cycle - a deep dive into the biology, hormonal shifts and what is happening in your body when

  • Journal prompts to unearth subconscious attitudes, stories and conditioning around periods

  • Gorgeous illustrations by my friend and amazing artist Laura Trinder

  • Finding your charting style and method based on your nature and constitution

  • Charting fertility signs for health

  • Suggestions on physical, psychological and emotional shifts and changes to chart 

  • Period Power Animals - a creative way of exploring and comparing female human behaviour at the different phases

  • A simple breakdown of common symptoms and issues and what they might mean

  • Exploring what 'normal' looks like and the myths around the cycle

  • The seasons of the cycle

  • Practices to help you explore your cycle in more depth

  • Some personal stories 

  • Testimonials from people I've worked with over the years

  • A resources link with access to exclusive yoga nidras, meditations and audio content

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