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Cyclical Living Through Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Get to know your cycle, grow with your cycle & learn how to flow with your cycle

Coming 21st August 2021 as an 180 page physical or digital workbook-style course with audio and video resources.

Release date: 21st August 2021

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Working with Carly has awoken what I can only describe as a small revolution inside of me! By supporting and guiding me through various ways and means of charting my cycle, allowing me to find those that suit me and my life, Carly has offered a loving and intuitive space to get to know my own unique rhythm and flows. She not only brings her exceptional warmth, honesty and openness but has the most incredible ability to hold space, all whilst bringing an absolute wealth of knowledge in MCA. In just a few short months I have seen the immense power that lies within understanding my cycle on such a deeper level. Being supported on this journey feels like I have uncovered and observed more in a short space of time, than I ever would have achieved without Carly guiding the way. ~ Suzy


The overarching answer to most questions is that if you feel the call to do this work then you are welcome here but let me delve into a few of the most common questions I get asked...

Can I track my cycle on hormonal contraception?

Hormonal contraception means that you don't have periods (the bleeding is a withdrawal bleed from the drugs) so you won't be able to track your period as such, but there's still a great depth of work that can be done. As far as I'm concerned, tracking and charting are great mental health tools and a menstrual cycle is just one blueprint to follow.


Side point: There are lots of incredibly valid reasons for needing and/or wanting hormonal contraception, so please know that there will never be any judgement from me. This will never exclude you from the work I offer.

Can I practice Menstrual Cycle Awareness without a cycle?

There are many reasons why a person might not have a visible monthly cycle, including (but not limited to) being born without a womb, having had a hysterectomy, menopause, early menopause, lactational amenorrhea, hypothalamic amenorrhea, eating disorders, hormonal contraception, being a trans woman, and some health issues. However, there are many ways to explore cyclicity beyond just Menstrual Cycle Awareness. As with hormonal contraception you won't be tracking your period, but tracking and charting your moods, energy levels, behaviours, tendencies and physical changes can be a very grounding practice, providing insight into your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. If you're not working with a cycle I often suggest tracking alongside the phases of the moon. 

Cyclical living is not just the remit of people with periods; with or without a visible monthly cycle, living in tune with your rhythms and the rhythms of nature can be so supportive.

Can I do this work post-menopause?

This workbook does not specifically cover menopause, so it might not be right for you if this is your focus. This work can retrospectively shed light on a life of periods as well as deepening your connection to the lunar, seasonal, and greater life cycles. When looking at seasonal associations, perimenopause is often linked to autumn and menopause to winter. It may be that you find the information related to these phases relevant. 

Can I Chart my Cycle if it is Irregular?

There are many reasons why a person might have irregular cycles, such as PCOS, perimenopause, stress, travel, or an underlying health issue. If your cycle is irregular, know that often there is a larger cycle within that. Years of talking about periods has shown me that anecdotally lots of people experience a change in cycle length around seasons change. Strange but seemingly true.  


Perhaps one of the most beneficial elements of charting and tracking, for those with irregular cycles, is the ability to predict your period. As you begin to learn the signs of ovulation, this can be achieved fairly accurately, as the premenstrual phase is generally considered to be the most consistent. The unpredictability of an irregular cycle requires even closer, more attentive inner listening. Sometimes this very act of attention, acceptance and cooperation, can help to iron out the very issues that made it irregular to begin with.

I don't have a good relationship with my period, I don't know if this is going to work for me?I hear you, I feel you. I didn't get into this work because my period was a sunny breeze. I got into this work because my period caused me to suffer so badly that at times it felt too much to bear.


I wondered if I could handle 10 days of every 3 weeks as a completely non-functional human being. However, with better understanding, I now view my period as an incredibly valuable health feedback loop.  You don't have to love your period but some tolerance, understanding and acceptance goes a long way. If you're feeling the call to understand yours more intimately, I'd say you're in the right place. 

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