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Know, Grow, Flow Resources

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Know Grow Flow

Hi love,

Welcome to the resources page for the Know, Grow, Flow workbook.


Simply click the button below to download the full bundle of resources to accompany your purchase.

I hope you enjoy!


Carly x 


Folder Contents:


  • ​​Embodying Cycles Menstrual Cycle Awareness Chart & example chart

  • Daily Check In Meditation

  • Feelings Wheel

  • Yoga for Your Period video

  • Surrender to the Flow of Sleep Nidra

  • Cycle Review Chart

  • Elemental Not Mental Nidra

  • Seasons Map

  • A Journey Through the Seasons meditation and blank seasons map

  • The Currents of Yes & No Meditation

  • Menstrual Blueprint worksheets and my example

  • Menstrual Meditation

  • Menstrual Music

    • Wombat - Burrow

    • Mole - Emerge

    • Butterfly - Expand

    • Snake - Shed

    • Dormouse - Nest

(Yoga video + menstrual music links on PDF resources page in folder)

Other Experiences of the Cycle

She Thinx - Creating Spaces for Black Women to be Period Proud

What It's Like to Get Your Period When You're Trans

Here’s What It’s Like To Get Your Period When You’re Not A Woman


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