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Cultivating a Menstrual Cycle Awareness Practice

My Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice is a non-negotiable part of my every day and the only thing I have consistently kept up year in year out is completing my chart. 

I no longer feel like I have a practice it just feels like an inseparable part of my life and one I couldn't and wouldn't do without.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a way of life that has the power to transform lives and I'm so excited that you're here to give it a go!

My sessions with Carly have given me the space to notice, the guidance to empower myself and room to grow with my flow. I'd have never thought I'd come to look forward to my period, that I'd notice the fluctuations in my cycle, that before simply passed me by. There is nothing more pleasing than knowing when my kick-ass days will be and when to schedule rest and relaxation. I highly recommend these 1 to 1s from someone who was curious and didn't have any preconceived idea of what I might discover, I've gained so much. ~ Daisy

Starting Charting

If you're new to Menstrual Cycle Awareness and looking for some guidance to get started there are a few ways to go...

  • I've provided some basic info below to get you started

  • You can sign up as a Lite Flow member of my Patreon page: Wild Woman Club and receive monthly 'Menstrual Downloads'

  • You can sign up as a Full Flow member of my Patreon page: Wild Woman Club and receive a monthly discounted Menstrual Mentoring session (subject to availability)

With 1-1s and Flow membership you will receive my Starting Charting Flow Pack. A resource I've crafted to provide you with all of the information you should need to get rolling.

Starting Charting Flow Pack Contents​​

  • Embodying Nature's Cycles - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Chart

  • Feelings Wheel

  • Starting Charting booklet - discover your charting style, tips on what to chart and how

  • What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness information booklet

  • What is the Menstrual Cycle information booklet - biology meets psychology in this beautifully illustrated information booklet (illustrations by the babe Laura Trinder)

  • Daily Check in Meditation for Menstrual Cycle Awareness

'Imagine a doctor telling you to ignore your circadian rhythm. Ignore the natural inclination to sleep at night, just keep going until you drop. Not only would it be difficult to order society, it would be madness for your wellbeing. But in essence that’s what’s happening to women when we’re told to ignore the rhythm of menstruation'

~ Alexandra Pope

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Maths without Numbers

Isn't it mad that so many of us were taught about our periods without even a nod to the hormones that underpin the whole experience and affect everything we do? Emma Barnett's book 'It's About Bloody Time. Period.' introduced me to Period Educator and comedian, Chella Quint.


Chella's view on this is absolutely on point - 'providing period education without talking about hormones is like teaching maths without numbers'. So it wouldn't be right to offer an exploration of the menstrual cycle without outlining this crucial information first.

Hormonal Messengers

The brain, uterus and ovaries work together in communication with hormonal messengers that ebb and flow throughout the cycle.


These hormone shifts and changes are responsible in part for how we shift and change and coming to understand how these hormonal fluctuations affect you personally is a huge part of Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a practice. Every person will experience these changes in different ways and exploring these differences as well as the similarities is one of my favourite things about this work. We’re so connected yet so individual.

Meet the Messengers

In my workbook, Menstrual Mentoring sessions and Starting Charting Flow Pack I introduce you to each of these Hormonal Messengers individually.

'Filling out my Menstrual Cycle Awareness Chart day 3, thank you Carly for teaching me that periods don't just happen TO US we can actually work with those sassy stripper days and comfy toad days, exciting revelations.' ~ Robyn

Biology Meets Psychology

As these various hormones ebb and flow they do more than just instigate biological processes they also usher in mental, physical and emotional changes.


In the Starting Charting Flow Pack, the Know, Grow Flow workbook and Menstrual Mentoring sessions we'll go into detail around these changes so that you can start to gain an understanding of how your cycle is impacting the way you feel and show up in the world.

We explore: 

  • Discovering your charting style & method(s)

  • What to chart and how

  • Charting tips and tricks 

  • Deeper insights journal prompts

  • The seasons of the cycle 

  • The wheel of the year and your cycle

  • Your period power animals

  • Rituals & self-care for each phase 

  • Harnessing your strengths and caring for your challenges

  • Your menstrual cycle as a way of monitoring your health

  • Environmental impacts and how to mitigate them

  • Rituals and practices to deepen your practice 

  • Creating your menstrual blueprint for a life in sync

  • Your Cycle Entourage - meeting those supportive & deconstructive voices

  • And lots lots more!

Image by Carolyn V

Start Charting

  • Choose your charting method (app, journal, chart, calendar, Excel, the options are endless!)

  • Start on day 1 of your period (first day of full flow not including premenstrual spotting)

The Basics

  • Menstrual cycle day & lunar phase

  • Menstrual flow rate and any spotting/pain (if any)

  • Physical changes and symptoms 

  • Fertility signs

  • Noticeable shifts in energy or mood

Deeper Dive

Over time you can build on this by adding...

  • Mental and emotional changes 

  • Behavioural changes

  • Spiritual

  • How life events impact the cycle

  • Deeper dive journal prompts

  • Tendencies

I hope this helps to get you started. Where would you like to go next?

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