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Illustration: Laura Trinder


Retreat to the Moon Lodge

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Reconnecting to the seasons and cycles of nature and of our bodies

Reclaiming the moon lodge

Restoring our cyclical nature

Embodying Moon is an invitation to connect back to the rhythms of nature and your own inner rhythms.


The moon is one of the oldest keepers of rhythm to which we have long felt a strong connection and a deep yearning, serving as a regular reminder of our innate rhythmic roots.

As wild and cyclical animals our bodies, systems and lives exist through a multitude of different rhythms, cycles and fluctuations and the moon acts as a beautiful, visual reminder of these rhythms and the importance of honouring the waxing and waning of our own needs and natures.


As womxn and people with periods we feel the pull of the moon more strongly than most, as the subtle rhythms of nature pulse through our bodies in phases but more often than not we have been taught and encouraged to ignore and suppress these rhythms, to work against these cyclical currents rather than use their flow to guide and inform us. 


By reconnecting to our cyclical nature we rediscover the joys of swimming downstream. The freedom of a life in flow. As we begin to understand, accept and cooperate with our bodies we remember that all we need is within us, waiting to be freed. Our cycles hold the key to our freedom and our power.

As we Retreat to the Moon Lodge, a tradition as old as time, something in us shifts and there is no doubting the tangible power of womxn in circle.

In a womxn's circle we can show up exactly as we are. In a world of predictability and restraint here we are reminded of our innate cyclical and feeling natures and are invited to explore a life lived at an intuitive pace.

The Moon branch of our practice is all about connecting back to the rhythms of nature and discovering the power of the womxn's circle!

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Image by Evgeni Evgeniev

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Womxn's Circles

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