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Futility is an Incredibly Powerful Sedative

Futility is an incredibly powerful sedative and something we can feel when decisions are made unjustly. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the power of nature, to know that Mother Earth has got our back.

Tomorrow the moon will be the closest it has been to earth in 70 years. For us a rare occurrence, for the moon just a regular part of her long and flowing cycle. The moon has watched over earth for over 4.5 billion years and in that time she has seen species come and go, landscapes drastically tear apart, crash together and change beyond recognition and we, homo sapiens, make up just 0.004 % of this story.

When unjust, incomprehensible things happen on earth it can feel all encompassing and rightly so as these things can have tragic side effects but it can be incredibly powerful to pull back and take perspective and see that this period of time is but a drop in the ocean and in no earth time at all we will be gone, making space for the next inhabitants of this beautiful, volatile place.

This is not a bury your head approach, rather an important piece of fuel and perspective. Perspective to remind us that we have but a tiny speck of time on this earth, just a tiny speck of time to make a positive impact and what a waste it would be to spend our speck feeling angry, frustrated and futile.

Futility is an incredibly powerful sedative, so rather than allowing ourselves to be lulled into a dissatisfied sleep, why not use this anger and frustration to fire up our bellies for positive action. We have the direct ability to improve life for our families, friends and communities and it is a time tested truth that species are so much more successful when they collaborate and cooperate. So whilst our actions may feel small and futile, these actions have the capacity to ripple out through our families, communities, towns, cities, countries and continents and if enough of us begin acting out the change we want to see in our world then these ripples have the capacity to roll out into an ocean of change.

So let us not feel powerless and sedated, let us fan these flames of frustration to make sure our own tiny speck of time is used to ensure rudeness, injustice, sexism, racism and discrimination has no place where we are.

Carly xx

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