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Step to one side let it pass by

This moon cycle a clear, consistent and repeated message came at me from all angles ~ follow the path of least resistance. So by the time my best friend uttered these words as part of her story whilst we were sharing at new moon I knew I had to take heed. I felt somehow this was an important phrase but I was challenged.

Our lives are so full of necessary resistance that it can seem hard to choose a less resistant path. How can I stay on the path of sobriety without resisting the urge to get wasted? How can I stay with the steady, slow building of a settled life without resisting the urge to move again? How can I avoid saying hurtful things during an argument without resisting the urge to totally lose it? How can I work through traumatic or painful experiences without resisting the urge to give up?

It was challenging but I could hear the truth in it and then I came to find a perspective that fitted my situation completely. Russell Brand spoke about this exact subject on his podcast and said something that rattled deep into my bones ~ step to one side and let it pass by. These were the words I had been searching for.

The difference between these two phrases is so subtle I almost missed it; in the first scenario I am choosing a path and choice opens up the possibility of making harmful choices (drink, promiscuity, anger and other risk taking behaviours), whereas in stepping to one side I am on my path and I step aside to let the obstacles pass by. this simple shift in words created a shift in perspective and in turn a way of looking at the challenges of life with less resistant eyes. A reminder of the beauty and power of language and words, the power of one phrase to shift a life of resistance to one of surrender.

Carly x

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