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Linear consistency isn’t sustainable & pleasure is our birth rite

Day 13 can be a tricky day for me (I usually ovulate around day 11/12 so this is a post ovulatory day for me) if I’m overstimulated, overworked, under pleasured and under socialised or too busy to truly enjoy the life I have worked so damn hard to build.

It can also be a FIRE day if I‘ve taken good care of myself and prioritised pleasure, community and enjoyment.

So armed with this knowledge from years of cycle tracking I arrived into today consciously with a plan not to let this be the start of the premenstrual phase but to be a continuation of pleasure, passion and joy and I feel fucking amazing.

For years I prioritised work, productivity, a tidy, clean home, duty, demands and expectations over my own needs, desires and pleasure. I thought this was how I was supposed to live.

And then at some point I thought fuck that shit. And started living the life I deserved.

And to my complete surprise spending less time at a laptop, less time cramming my schedule with classes enhanced my creativity, productivity and opportunities! It has also increased my overall happiness (yes I chart it like a true data nerd) and improved my sex life ten fold! Creativity and sexuality are SO linked for me and many other women I know. There's a reason we talk about getting the 'juices flowing' creatively.

The myth of consistency, predictability and infinite resource runs deep in this culture that still prioritises productivity over the health and wellbeing of its people. A culture that views the priority of pleasure and rest as indulgent and lazy and looks down on anyone who isn’t showing up consistently in their life or work.

But linear, consistency isn’t sustainable and pleasure is our birth rite.

So today I took myself to the forest to play, I read an amazing book under the trees with some coffee and then came home, got naked and jumped my boy at his work bench because life is too short not to have the orgasms and the kind of fulfilling life you deserve.

What could you do to prioritise pleasure and joy in your life???

How could you make changes to live more in tune with your own inner rhythms?

Carly x

P.S. I still slip off the wagon sometimes for SURE but stepping out of synch with the rhythms of wider society and into my own inner rhythms has been the single most transformational step I’ve ever taken towards health and wellbeing.

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