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My Starting Charting Flow Pack is a staple part of my work in Menstrual Mentoring sessions & courses and it's now available to buy. 

A great starter kit for anyone looking to being a charting practice and it comes with a 10 minute Menstrual Cycle Awareness meditation to support your practice. 


You'll learn: 

  • What is the menstrual cycle 
  • How the biology influences your psychology
  • What Menstrual Cycle Awareness is as a practice 
  • How to discover your charting style 
  • What to chart and how with lots of options
  • A charting model using the yogic koshas 
  • How to use the paper tracking chart if you choose to 
  • More about your cycle and what you might notice as you chart 
  • About emotional literacy 



  • An Introduction - Starting Charting 15 page workbook
  • What is the Menstrual Cycle 5 page workbook
  • Embodying Nature's Cycles - Menstrual Cycle Awareness Chart
  • Audio Meditation - A 10 Minute Daily Check in for Your Menstrual Cycle Awareness Practice


I hope you enjoy! 

Carly x 

Charting Your Cycles Starter Kit

  • You will receive a zip file containing 2 PDF workbooks, 1 PDF print at home chart and an MP3 meditation file

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