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This course is an edited live recording of an online workshop that took place in April 2021. 


It is an informative and experiential self-study retreat style course that explores how to adapt your practice to flow with the phases of your menstrual cycle.



2 hours 40 minutes (includes 50 minute practice + 10 minute meditation) 



  • Koshas check in meditation

  • The phases of the menstrual cycle 

  • The physiological and psychological changes that each phase brings 

  • Barriers to cyclical living & cyclical practice

  • Reclaiming autonomy and undoing our conditioning of control, consistency and infinite resource

  • The physical changes to be aware of and take care of in each phase

  • How to practice cyclically and maximise each phase

  • A 1 hour practice exploring approaches for each of the phases

  • Space for journaling reflections and exercises

  • Adapting your practice in a general class 

  • Creating your own cyclical home practice

  • For yoga teachers: leading period inclusive classes


I am a certified Well Woman Yoga Therapy & Pregnancy Yoga teacher with a special interest in Menstrual Cycle Awareness, breaking taboos & a cyclical approach to life and practice.​


Learn more:

Carly x

Cyclical Yoga Course - Yoga for Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Video course and PDF slides. You will receive a PDF document with course information which includes a link to the video and a download link to the slides.

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