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What to expect...


We don't like to give too much away at this point but here's a rough idea of what will be on offer...

Breakfast on both days provided by the B&B

Lunches and dinner on Saturday provided by Heather Allford of The Wandering Vegans

Wild Woman Yoga with Carly to include Fierce Free Flow, Wild Woman Wind Down & Yoga Nidra

Yoga practices and meditation with Lisa

Nature meditations

Nature walks

Self enquiry journaling and nature explorations 

Menstrual cycle awareness tracking*

Cacao ceremony

Red tent with Cherry of Rhythmic Roots ~ Sound and energy healing treatments, tarot readings and Abdominal massage

*No Menstrual Cycle required cyclical living is relevant and important for us all/optional attendance


Set within 300 acres of stunning rural farmland Furtho Manor Farm is a quiet and picturesque haven just outside of Milton Keynes.


The Farmhouse B&B or Campervan space in the field

Or heading home if you're a local and don't fancy staying over


In the barn overlooking the lake

Meditations on the lake pavilion



Wild Woman Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Women's Circles, Menstrual Cycle Awareness and cacao ceremonies













Yoga, nidra, nature, women's circles and menstrual cycle awareness have helped me to heal from trauma, live with anxiety and depression, recover from addiction and eating disorders and continue to support me in learning how to open my heart, make peace with my mind and live in my body.


I discovered yoga as a teenager but it wasn’t until I left London for a simpler life in the countryside and reestablished a relationship to myself and to nature that the teachings really began to take root and do their work.


Yoga, nature and sisterhood have healed my body and mind in ways I had never thought possible. Women, nature and yoga have taught me to take a stand for rhythm, to feel the rumble of rage pulsing through the earth and our bodies and reject any expectation of consistency, predictability and infinite resource. In the forests, on the mat and in circle I have been shown how to truly live from a place of simplicity, contentment and connection and to honour my wild and cyclical nature. Bringing yoga, women and nature together has always felt like a homecoming.


I seek to offer an inclusive, supportive and nurturing environment which offers students the space and freedom to explore their practice in a way that suits and serves their shifting and changing mental, physical and emotional needs each and every time they arrive on the mat. Yoga should be accessible to all and I teach with this in mind.


I offer movement inspired by our wild nature; playful, spontaneous and fluid and regularly weave stories, themes ideas from daily life and nature into the practices. My teachings are rooted in the modern day whilst seeking inspiration from and honouring the tradition of the practice.


I like to move, laugh, roll around and play and always bring the truth of how I feel to each and every class. I truly believe the more human we can be with each other, the easier it becomes for us to be human.


'Yoga is not a workout, it is a workin. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know, be who we already are.' ~ Rolf Gates


Hatha yoga, restorative yoga, trauma informed, meditation and nature based practices

Lisa came into my life through yoga teacher training and has been one of my closest friends ever since. We started running retreats and ceremonies together in early 2017 and our adventures have taken us through the Lakes and Cornwall and have involved yoga (indoors and out), yoga nidra, wild swimming, hiking, midnight fires in the forest, night walking, star gazing, skinny dipping in the ocean and much more…


read about her offerings below...

Creating retreats with Carly has always been more than just a collaboration and collation of ideas. Our friendship grew from a connection which transcended social contexts and from a swathe of shared passions, as well as healthy contrasts in who we are and what we offer. It’s from this place that we continue to grow our friendship, as individuals and with others each time I am privileged enough to be asked to share in the experiences of holding a retreat with Carly.

Born a nature lover, I’ve always felt an incredibly strong connection with the natural world, drawn to it and keeping close to it in one way or another, daily. It was inevitable then that the natural world, our world, would be woven in to my yoga teaching in some way.


As relational beings, our connection with nature, with others and with ourselves as nature, is one of the fundamental pillars of wellbeing. My passion and aim is to hold space for these connections to be rekindled or discovered for the first time, through rest, movement, play, stillness, self-enquiry, and building a sense of community, all within an environment in nature closer to our true home.


Through yoga, I offer the opportunity to turn the volume down on the often over facing unnatural world, to turn inwards, be interoceptive, listen in emotionally and physically and move away from a thought sense of self to a felt sense of being. Exploring this through somatic, therapeutic movement rooted in Hatha, Restorative and Trauma Sensitive Yoga, reconnecting with our innate circadian rhythms and inner self.  


Being able to share my passions and hold space for others in nature is a true privilege.


Sound and energy healing, abdominal massage, red tent, ceremony


When I moved to Milton Keynes I reached out to the girlfriends of my partner’s friends to have a ‘poker’ night and met the group of 7 women who would transform my experience of groups of women. There never was much poker that happened and these days our playing cards have been exchanged for tarot but it is here that I forged the template of support, nurture and belly laughs that form the foundation for our circles and ceremonies today. It is also here that I met my soul sister and general all round mystical magical wonder woman Cherry Jeavons-White of Rhythmic Roots


At the retreat Cherry will be offering a red tent space as a hideaway for anyone who needs it. From this space she will also be offering energy healing, sound healing and abdominal massage (at an additional cost). She will also be bringing her magic to our cacao ceremony and circles. 


Read more about her offerings below...

For the last 5 years I have been immersed in the world of sound and energy healing, and have been lucky enough to train under many talented teachers, including Maestro Shaman Richard Down, learning the Central American system of healing the Chakras through Icaro (spirit songs) and toning with the voice. Learning this practice and combining it with my other training and experience in Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation and other ritual practices has been a source of immense healing for me. I have practiced these techniques on myself and received them from others, experiencing first-hand the powerful healing and personal empowerment that is possible. It is my heartfelt wish to share what I have learned with the world and pass on the incredible healing that I have received to others, so that we might work together as loving humans, to help heal each other and the planet. The collective consciousness is in need of healers and those who are willing to do the work of healing themselves. Only when we heal ourselves will the world begin to heal.


My influences are not only song and sound, but also yoga and movement medicine (I love to hoop!), meditation (a Vipassana meditation retreat changed my life for the better in so many ways and proved to me how important daily meditation is for our wellbeing), ancient earth magic practices (I have trained with experienced medicine women, shamans, and healers in traditional healing practices) herbalism, science and quantum physics, the tarot and ceremony. I love to read, swim and spend time in nature, and consider a barefoot walk through a forest or grassy field and a dip in the river to be the ultimate healer. I am a lover of ritual, the cycles of nature, and dancing until I can't see straight. I am sincere, but never serious.