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The Village Yoga

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A donation-based class for mothers and others. 

This is yoga for the whole village; grandmas, mamas, aunties, besties, babies and toddlers. This class is open to all (dads, granddads and brothers welcome too!). 

We do as much yoga as we can amidst the hubbub of the village and then for those who want to stay on we drink some tea and chat. 

The class is focused on yoga for the adults and the mamas, a space for us to breathe, move and make our wellbeing a priority. An invitation to practice being calm in the chaos and an opportunity to role model taking care of ourselves to our children.

You are welcome to respond to your child as you normally would, feeding, snacks, changing, toilet trips, cuddles and chats. Whatever you need to do. 

I offer this class with Dolores because I want to come back to the way things once were before we separated our lives, our work and our children. 

Carly x


Yoga For The Village

As a certified Hatha, meditation, Well Woman Yoga Therapy, Restorative, Pregnancy & Yoga Nidra teacher, I offer wild and cyclical practices for women of all ages, life stages and cycle phases. 


From its very inception, long before becoming a mother myself, Moon Forest Flow has always been about reinstating the village.

Recapturing the feeling of a time when we were surrounded by the wisdom and company of women and girls of all ages, stages and cycle phases.

Here at Moon Forest Flow some of our most memorable and special moments have unfolded when our spaces reflect our wilder communities of times passed.

In the village we would have been surrounded and supported by those of every age from babes in arms to greying silver vixens and everything in between.

Every woman would have had a place and a role regardless of their womb status and choices. The wisdom of nature and women would have been woven into the core of our communities.

In our western world a trend for attending a specialist yoga class for each phase of life and I certainly believe in the value of these spaces but I have also seen first hand how wildly natural it is for us all to gather together.

Our primal senses perceive it as a homecoming to our original way of life. To our hunter-gatherer roots. And we both come alive and deeply relax at the very same time.

Wild Woman Yoga is a space for the whole village and honours the shifting needs of a woman’s womb life through a lifetime. 

Come join us and bring your own flavour of the Feminine to our classes. You are SO welcome! 


Explorations of the Feminine are inherently inclusive and as such open to all including any person who identifies as a woman, any expression or identification of femininity as well as non-binary gender expressions.

 My work is inclusive of but not exclusive to those with wombs and periods. You don't have to have a womb or periods to practice with me or join a circle but if you do I'm here to accommodate that.

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