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Wild Woman Camp on the Farm

A wild & cyclical campout in the countryside of Milton Keynes

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Sunday 15th - Monday 16th August 2021 

An exploration of wild & cyclical living through yoga, nidra, nature & connection.

Through movement, deep rest and reconnecting to nature, ourselves and each other we will begin to turn down the volume of modern life and make space for the sacred sound of our inner rhythms.

It is these rhythms that set the tempo for our time together, each of us encouraged and empowered to hear and respond to cyclical cues and in that to discover the power and freedom that comes from a simple life lived in sync.

Rewilding Ourselves

Rewilding lies at the heart of Wild Woman Camp.

Rewilding nature involves taking down fences, reinstating what has been missing and letting nature take its course. Trusting in the unfolding natural processes beyond human management to bring nature back to equilibrium.

Our mission for our time together is to ​explore rewilding ourselves. 


Taking down the fences of our domestication, reinstating those things that have been missing and then releasing control. Stepping into acceptance and surrender as we let nature take its course led by the wisdom of our intuitive bodies. 

There is no such thing as a 'weed', everything has its place and its purpose.


Everything is guiding us back into equilibrium however 'messy' it might look along the way. Nature thrives when we release our grip and the same is true for ourselves. As humans release their control over the natural world it is able to grow wilder and heal. As we release our control over ourselves we, too, are able to grow wilder and heal.



Set within 300 acres of stunning rural farmland, Furtho Manor Farm is a quiet and picturesque haven just outside of Milton Keynes.

If you're local you might prefer to head home but you're welcome to camp on-site with us or book one of the B&B rooms if you'd like a little more luxury.

Our practices and circles will take place in the barn overlooking the lake and outdoors on the land.

Accommodation options: 

Camping or campervan space in the camping field

The Farmhouse B&B (limited rooms)

Or heading home if you're a local and don't fancy staying over


What to Expect

Wild Woman Yoga & natural movement practices

Foraging and wild crafting walk with Cherry
Journaling and self-enquiry

Meditation in nature

Silent disco

Yoga Nidra



Our intention is to offer practices and experiences to enhance your experience of being in nature but this is your time and you are welcome to join as much or as little of it as you feel. These camps are all about tapping into your intuition and getting back in touch with what the soft animal of your body is longing for in every moment.

Logistics & Booking

What People Say

'What you both created during the retreat was more than I could ever have wished for, it gave me the space and freedom to reconnect and remember who I was. I experienced glimpses into a world where I was free to be myself without judgement from myself and others, a world where all that I desired felt natural. These insights have been momentary but enough for me to know that this wild way of living is the only way for me to ever feel like I am ‘home’. It was fucking epic and I’m so so grateful to have found you both. Thank you for guiding me back to my path of honouring the feminine so that I can RISE!!!! Yeaaaaas!!!'

—  Victoria, Herefordshire

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