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Women's Nature & Yoga Weekend Retreat 

Embodying Cyclical Living & Wildness


Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th October 2019 

Milton Keynes, UK

A weekend exploration of cyclical living and wildness through yoga, nidra, nature and sisterhood.

Our expectations of women are closely mirrored in our expectations of earth and for too long we have expected too much of both.

We have expected the land to provide without respite, the rivers to flow predictably tame, the forests to thrive without nourishment and the oceans to be somehow both wild and safe. Just as we have expected that women be giving without rest, that we show up each day the same, that we thrive without proper nourishment and somehow be both enticingly wild and predictably tame.


But the earth and its women are by their very nature unpredictable, inconsistent and of limited resource yet for too long we have been swimming against the tides, insidiously influenced by the accepted cultural paradigm that to shift and change is to be less than, to wax and wane is a weakness.

In coming together as women in nature we take a stand for rhythm and reclaim our rhythmical birth rites as we remember the joys of swimming downstream and flowing with the currents that guide and inform us.

Through yoga and embodied movement, reconnecting to nature, deep rest and ceremony we seek to turn down the volume of demands and expectations, making space for the sacred sound of our inner rhythms. It is these rhythms that set the tempo for our time together, each woman invited to feel fully empowered to hear and respond to cyclical cues and in that to discover the power and freedom that comes from a life lived in sync.

Women's experiences

'What you both created during the retreat was more than I could ever have wished for, it gave me the space and freedom to reconnect and remember who I was. I experienced glimpses into a world where I was free to be myself without judgement from myself and others, a world where all that I desired felt natural. These insights have been momentary but enough for me to know that this wild way of living is the only way for me to ever feel like I am ‘home’. It was fucking epic and I’m so so grateful to have found you both. Thank you for guiding me back to my path of honouring the feminine so that I can RISE!!!! Yeaaaaas!!!'

—  Victoria, Herefordshire