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In Person Yoga Class Joining Information

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Practical Information


Furtho Manor Farm, Northampton Rd, Milton Keynes, MK19 6NR

Meeting Point Outdoor Classes & Events
On the grass by the lake, you can see this from the car park

Meeting Point Indoor Classes & Events

Furtho East: The first office you can see on your left as you drive down the path into the car park - it has a path running from the main road to the door

The Barn: Entry from the main car park through the back door 

Arriving Indoor Classes & Events

  • Arrivals to Furtho East will be through the front door (facing the lake) which will be open to minimise contact

  • Arrivals to the Barn will be through the back door (straight from the car park) which will be open to minimise contact

  • Your space will be marked on the floor, please fill up from the back to the front and leave from the front to the back

  • Please take a read of the Corona Safe Policy for more information on measures being taken to protect you during your class


  • Follow signs for 'access and parking for offices' and park in the office car park

  • Please drive slow to protect the wildlife and the dogs

  • Furtho is a working farm, please don't stray from the main areas and be safe


  • Please fill out the health form before joining - button below

  • If you have anything going on on the day in body or mind that you feel it would be useful for me to know please do feel free to arrive early and let me know 

  • My shonky memory can't retain info from week to week so please update each and every week on the current status of your body/mind/spirit 


  • Complete the online health form before attending - button below

  • Please read and follow the guidelines in my Corona safe policy:

  • Make sure you're weather ready for maximum comfort and enjoyment for outdoors classes


To bring

  • Yoga mat and any props you might like to use

  • Drinking water

  • Hand sanitiser 

  • Face mask 


  • Outdoor classes are props light but you're always welcome to bring anything you like to use and to be comfortable

  • Indoor classes please bring whatever you like to be as comfy and warm and supported as you'd like to be - a blanket and pillow and/or bolster is a great minimum set up but the more the better in terms of warmth and comfort  

Weather plan

Our outdoors Wild Yoga classes are all about getting closer to nature and so these classes take place in all forms of weather bar thunderstorms. 

  • If a storm starts during the class we may need to move away from the water to shelter

  • Come prepared to get wet - if it's raining you can store anything other than yourself and your mat in the pavilion and if you're happy to we'll soak up the elements and dance/yoga in the rain - maybe bring a towel, a change of clothes and a hot drink! 

  • If it's mad hot we'll shift position slightly so there's heat and shade for those who need or want either 

Can't wait to see you in class

Carly x 

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