Embodying Flow Package

Embodying Flow Package 

Yoga, Wild Woman Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Simple Session ~ 1 Hour

Deeper Dive ~ 1.5 Hours

Immersion ~ 2 Hours



Yoga Elements, themes and focuses for exploration...

  • Yoga for beginners 

  • Breath work and Meditation 

  • Strength, fitness, flexibility, endurance 

  • Mental health ~ trauma, depression, anxiety

  • Self-enquiry and reflection 

  • Sound and mantra

  • Stress and relaxation techniques 

  • Convalescence, non-weight bearing, yoga for chronic pain

  • Burnout / exhaustion

  • Reclaiming wildness and reconnecting to nature

  • Elemental yoga

  • Yoga for the menstrual cycle 

Well Woman Yoga Therapy Techniques for Women's Health

Particularly beneficial for...

  • Women without a monthly cycle or irregular cycles looking to connect back to cyclical/lunar living 

  • PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, period problems, PMS, PMDD and any other issues 

  • Peri-menopause symptoms, Menopause and beyond 

  • Difficulty conceiving/fertility issues 

  • Pregnancy

  • Low libido/intimacy issues

  • Boosting creativity and productivity

  • Boosting energy levels and feelings of well being

  • Any person who identifies as a woman seeking to harness their feminine energy 

  • Chronic pain and chronic illness (less weight bearing and lots of restful aspects) 

Yoga Nidra

  • Stress, exhaustion, burnout

  • Relaxation

  • Low immunity

  • Chronic illness / chronic pain

  • Coalescence

  • Trauma

  • Mental health issue management or prevention

  • Clarity, insight, problem solving

  • Creativity and productivity

  • Insomnia/sleep issues

  • Re-connecting to joy and/or pleasure

  • Change / transition

  • Dealing with difficult emotions

  • Accessing the subconscious 

  • Increasing levels of feel good hormones

  • Intention work and self-development

  • Visioning nidra for insights and reflection

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