Embodying Cycles Package

Embodying Cycles Package

Menstrual Cycle Awareness Coaching

I offer free telephone 20 or so minute consultations to establish your starting point and what you want to get out of the sessions... contact me to book in!

Simple Session ~ 1 Hour

Depper Dive ~ 1.5 hours

Immersion ~ 2 hours

 In these sessions we will work with the principles of Know, Grow & Flow to deepen into your experience of menstrual cycle awareness.

Know ~ Know your cycle through menstrual cycle awareness
Grow ~ Grow to understand, accept and cooperate with your cycle by observing your shifting moods, energy levels and tendencies each day
Flow ~ Come to know the seasons and transitions of your cycle and how best to support each phase, learning to flow with your cycle in all areas of life

Ideas for themes and focuses to explore...

  • Tracking and charting guidance personalised to your wants, needs and lifestyle

  • Self-understanding as a precursor to self love - learning to understand, accept and cooperate with the cycle Working with your cycle to avoid burnout and exhaustion

  • Suggestions on self-care for each of the seasons of the cycle, living in tune with your inner rhythms and synching your life to your cycle

  • PMS as a power tool! Harnessing the inner boundaried as fuck power bitch

  • Exploring and harnessing your own personal powers in each phase or season of the cycle 

  • Discovering your transition days and challenging parts of the cycle and exploring coping strategies and self care practices to support you

  • Menstrual cycle awareness for mental health 

  • Harnessing the power of the cycle for creativity and productivity - using the cycle as a natural blueprint for projects in life and work 

  • Personalised meditative explorations and enquiry 

  • growth and development ~ MCA as a spiritual practice - the yoga of women

  • The planet - Environmentally friendly bleeding

  • Working with menstrual challenges such a PMS, PMDD, period pain, fibroids, endo and PCOS

  • Journaling prompts 

  • Suggestions of Wild Woman Yoga practices that can support you with any symptoms or challenges

  • Planning  BIG BLEED - your dream blissful menstrual holiday 

Menstrual cycle awareness is my life's biggest passion and I live and breathe this work. I have acquired many tools, tips and techniques over the years of my own practice, work with my mentors and with other women and would be so glad to share those with you should that be what you are looking for but my intention is not for these sessions to be teachings from me but rather a space for you to tap back into your wild intuition and to discover the deep current of insights, clarity and wisdom that you hold within. 

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