Embodying Rest Red Tent Package

Embodying Rest Red Tent Package 

Private Personalised Red Tent Retreat

 The red tent was originally a space where women would gather at menstruation to rest and vision for themselves and their communities. Whether you use this during menstruation or at another time, the yurt becomes your personal temple. 

A quiet, restful space close to nature and away from the duties, demands and expectations of daily life. A space where all of your needs are attended to and you can rest, retreat and reconnect either alone or with girlfriends. 

The red tent can be as structured or free as you want it to be...

  • Guided visioning

  • Deep relaxation through yoga nidra

  • Gentle movements to ease pain and facilitate efficient bleeding

  • Journaling explorations

  • Oracle cards, Moon cards and/or Tarot

  • Provision of snacks and dark chocolate

  • Tea made for you whenever you need it 

  • Gentle massage at your request 

  • Cave time (time alone to use as you wish - nap/journal/rest)

  • Cacao ceremony (extra £20) 

3 or 4 hours 

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