Embodying Wildness Package

Embodying Wildness Package


Wild Woman Sessions in the Forest

Simple Session ~ 1 Hour

Deeper Dive ~ 1.5 Hours

Immersion ~ 2 Hours

Themes and focuses for exploration...

  • Wild Yoga ~ movements and practices intended to ground into the body, connect to the forest, rediscover and learn to listen to instincts and intuition, release inhibitions and rigidity, rest, play and breathe fully, freely and wildly

  • Wild Nidra and Forest Bathing ~ soaking up the endless benefits of rest and the forest under the canopy

  • Animal spirit cards for insight and inspiration

  • Moving out of the domesticated comfort zone ~ exposure to the elements 

  • Earthing ~ barefoot walking in the forest for grounding, connection and health 

  • Breathwork ~ inter-breathing with the trees and accessing the primal brain stem via breath retention work

  • Connecting to the senses ~ bringing the senses alive in their natural home and finding sensory satiation in the forest 

  • Nature as a teacher ~ Philosophical and psychological enquiry using the natural world as guide and teacher 

  • Instincts and intuition ~ tapping into the belly brain for navigation of the inner and outer worlds 

  • Natural Navigation ~ learning to read nature in place of maps and compasses to explore and get to know landscapes in nature

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