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Hello! Welcome to your calm at-home day retreat.


Modern life has us moving at an unsustainable pace that is wearing on body and soul. The turning of the seasons can be an invitation to slow down and remember how important it is to be present to our lives.


That is why I wanted to create CALM. An invitation to carve out a sacred day to mark the transition from summer to autumn. A day of ritual to initiate the intention of infusing our days with presence and calm.


I am not offering this retreat day because I am a calm guru but because I have a predisposition to stress and anxiety and these practices are the only way I manage to regain some peace in my life.


So thank you for entrusting me to co-facilitate a whole day of nurture and peace with you. May we all be a little calmer at the end of it!


Partake in as much or as little as you would like and as would best support your intention and the group intention of calm. And I'd love you to join me in the ritual of going offline outside of the recordings so that we can truly focus on simplifying and slowing down. An opportunity to remind our bodies how to be spacious and how to enjoy the simplicity of a wilder life.


I hope you get to really enjoy this day you have gifted yourself.


Sending you loads of love,

Carly xxx

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