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Wild Woman Yoga

A women’s yoga practice, for me, is one that honours the cyclical nature of our bodies and lives and as such can be nurturing and replenishing at certain times and fierce, wild and free at others.


Like the lioness we have the capacity to be both gentle, caring nurturers and fierce, fiery protectors, our wildness can be expressed in both a gentle purr and a ferocious roar.


For many of us our movements have become constrained, habitual, repetitive and rigid, yet another way for us to keep our bodies under tight control yet we have an infinite pool of wisdom within and to harness this wild wisdom offers us a way of practicing that honours and nourishes our wild and cyclical life.


I offer an adaptive, fiery, feminine and environmentally aware approach to yoga that seeks to awaken the primal knowledge of embodied movement and deep rest.


Wild Woman Yoga is about surrendering to the flow and being released from expectations of consistency, predictability and infinite resource. It is here that we may experience freedom beyond form and feel empowered to practice in a way that is fluid and adaptable to the waxing and waning of our needs and natures.

Wild Woman Yoga is an offering based on my Well Woman Yoga therapy training with Uma Dimsmore-Tuli.

‘The body is like an earth. It is a land unto itself. It is as vulnerable to overbuilding, being carved into parcels, cut off, over mined, and shorn of its power as any landscape. The wilder woman will not be easily swayed by redevelopment schemes. For her, the questions are not how to form but how to feel.’

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Fierce Free Flow

A Fiery, Wild & Free Dynamic Women's Yoga Practice

There's a time and place for the gentle, subtle and sensitive but there's also a time for cutting loose to loud music and getting wild. 

Fierce Free Flow is a fiery, playful and feminine approach to flow that seeks to ignite the inner fire, unleash wildness and liberate movement and energy. 


An invitation to invoke your inner wild woman, incite rebellion and surrender to the flow. This practice invites you to release stuck energy, shed inhibitions, and liberate yourself to explore intuitive primal movement.


Dynamic, fluid and playful asana to a diverse and danceable playlist. 



  • Dynamic and fluid asana

  • Time to explore moving freely

  • Movement to liberate stuck energy and support energy (Well Woman Yoga inspired)

  • A loud, diverse and danceable playlist

  • Deep rest to bathe in the afterglow

'Everything louder than everything else' ~ Motörhead

Wild Woman Wind Down

A gentle, restful and restorative Women's Yoga practice

A gentle yoga practice that is fluid and adaptable to the waxing and waning of our needs and natures as women.


Wild Woman Wind Down is an adaptive and feminine approach to yoga that seeks to support, nurture and empower women through all life stages and cycle phases.


An invitation to fully surrender to the seasons and cycles of your life and practice in a way that nourishes and supports your body wherever you might be in your menstrual cycle or greater life cycle. It offers full permission to be released from the expectations of consistency, predictability and infinite resource. Each practice ends with the deeply restorative and restful practice of Yoga Nidra.


The practice is both informative and experiential and includes information about how our yoga practice can best support our bodies during the difference phases and life stages.



  • Meditation

  • Gentle fluid asana (Well Woman Yoga inspired)

  • Yoga asana for different phases of the menstrual cycle, stages of life (pregnancy, menopause etc.) and conditions depending on the needs of the group

  • Restorative postures

  • Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation practice)

Wild Yoga

Taking yoga into nature to reclaim our wildness

Wild Yoga is about immersing in our natural home and reconnecting to nature and her cycles to reaffirm our connection with the inner and outer rhythms that guide and inform our very being.


We take our yoga practice into nature to reclaim our wildness. Through the senses, play, embodied movement, mindfulness and deep rest we liberate our inner wild women.


Yoga and nature are great teachers of surrendering to the flow and being released from expectations of consistency, predictability and infinite resource. When immersed in the flow of a yoga practice or absorbed in the beauty and majesty of nature everything else slips away and true embodiment becomes possible. Bringing yoga and nature together has always felt like a homecoming.

I teach out in the forests and wild lands surrounding Milton Keynes from spring to autumn. See events for upcoming classes and gatherings.



  • Embodied movement

  • Nature connection practices

  • Nature meditations

  • Tree climbing

  • Earthing (walking barefoot on the earth)  

I also offer monthly online Wild Woman Yoga videos that you practice along to from the comfort of your own home via Patreon.

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