Mission and Aim

Fern - Laura Trinder.jpeg

Moon Forest Flow offers embodied experiences cyclical living and wildness and seeks to promote the importance of a slow, soulful and cyclical life.

We retreat to the moon lodge, delve into the forest and surrender to the flow to reconnect to the simplicity of a wilder life. 

Reconnecting to nature, reclaiming the wild soul, restoring the natural world



  • To value, honour and role model cyclical living and wildness in all that we do

  • To promote the rewilding of womxn and nature

  • To offer an inclusive space in which ALL feel fully seen, heard, held & respected

  • To learn about the barriers to inclusivity and diversity and actively seek to remove them wherever we can

  • To speak with kindness and with truth

  • To practice radical acceptance of ourselves and each other

  • To elevate, celebrate & empower

  • To promote inclusivity and diversity in all that we do 

  • To challenge myself and others around unconscious bias

  • To challenge my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, judgements and the stories I have about myself and others

  • To actively seek out information that helps me to be more inclusive and understanding of the perspectives of others

  • To be fiercely committed to speaking out where I see wrong

  • To actively work to increase the visibility of women's cyclical and reproductive lives. Moving from hiding, rejecting, ignoring and shaming to encouraging women to feel empowered, safe and proud to discuss all matters relating to their cyclical and reproductive lives openly and without judgement

  • To offer, promote and proliferate a permissive and adaptive yoga practice that supports, nurtures and empowers all who identify as women through all life stages and cycle phases

  • To live, work and teach in a way that respects autonomy, agency and freedom of interpretation

  • To live, work and teach in a way that honours and promotes the importance of rest, retreat, naps and sleep as equal in value to wakefulness, focus and productivity

  • To empower and encourage all women to listen wholeheartedly to the voice of their inner teacher

  • To empower and encourage all women to act as their own healers

  • To learn about the barriers to inclusivity and diversity and actively seek to remove them wherever I can

  • To always be willing to learn, listen, grow and admit fault and apologise