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Mission and Aim

Fern - Laura Trinder.jpeg



Moon Forest Flow offers embodied experiences cyclical living and wildness and seeks to promote the importance of community life by seeking to reinstate the village.


Reconnecting to nature, reclaiming our cyclical wildness, restoring the village



  • To value, honour and role model cyclical living and wildness in all that we do

  • To promote the rewilding of mind, body and motherhood and the rewilding of nature

  • To restore a community mindset and build our village

  • To offer an inclusive space in which we strive for ALL to feel fully seen, heard, held & respected

  • To learn about the barriers to inclusivity and actively seek to remove them wherever we can

  • To speak with kindness and with truth

  • To practice radical acceptance of ourselves and each other

  • To elevate and celebrate ourselves, each other and our wider community

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