Suspended Yoga

Suspended Yoga Class Spaces

Inspired by the suspended coffee movement, you can can purchase a suspended space for a person who couldn't otherwise afford to attend a class, event or retreat. Simply complete the form below to be emailed further instructions.


Suspended classes are for anyone for whom the cost of my classes is prohibitive, those in need, whether homeless, on low income, in a shelter, a single mama or any another situation which means attending a yoga class isn't easy or possible (no questions asked!).

There will always be free suspended yoga spaces because I pay for the classes when there are no classes in the bank.

Current free suspended yoga class spaces available: 2

To use
To use a suspended class simply choose the suspended yoga ticket option on your chosen class or event

To donate
To donate simply complete the form below to be emailed more info and bank details for manual transfer and THANK YOU for our generosity! 

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