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Reconnecting to nature, reclaiming our cyclical wildness, restoring the village


Wild Woman Club

Wild Woman Club is my membership space on Patreon. A village for women who crave a wilder life.

A space to come together beneath the virtual trees and explore ways to reconnect to nature, reclaim our cyclical wildness and restore the village.

'To feel the breath of wildness come into your body is to reclaim your natural wholeness' ~ Mary Reynolds Thompson

As a certified Hatha, meditation, Well Woman Yoga Therapy, Restorative, Pregnancy & Yoga Nidra teacher, I offer wild and cyclical practices for women of all ages, life stages and cycle phases. 

Yoga For the Village

From its very inception, long before becoming a mother myself, Moon Forest Flow has always been about reinstating the village.

Recapturing the feeling of a time when we were surrounded by the wisdom and company of women and girls of all ages, stages and cycle phases.

Here at Moon Forest Flow some of our most memorable and special moments have unfolded when our spaces reflect our wilder communities of times passed.

In the village we would have been surrounded and supported by those of every age from babes in arms to greying silver vixens and everything in between.

Every woman would have had a place and a role regardless of their womb status and choices. The wisdom of nature and women would have been woven into the core of our communities.

In our western world a trend for attending a specialist yoga class for each phase of life and I certainly believe in the value of these spaces but I have also seen first hand how wildly natural it is for us all to gather together.

Our primal senses perceive it as a homecoming to our original way of life. To our hunter-gatherer roots. And we both come alive and deeply relax at the very same time.

Wild Woman Club is a space for the whole village and honours the shifting needs of a woman’s womb life through a lifetime. 

Come join us and bring your own flavour of the Feminine to our spaces. You are SO welcome! 

I'm so glad you've found your way to this space beneath the virtual trees! 

I am so excited to delve into the cyclical wilderness with you.

Carly x 

Club Benefits

Wild Woman Club is to offer a space to gather and connect around all things wild and cyclical.

As a member you will also receive regular exclusive content via Patreon.

  • Lifetime access to our online community group 

  • Lifetime access to our private ​Instagram account where I share live classes, meditations and exclusive content! 

  • Access to exclusive online & in person circles, classes and events

  • Monthly Wild Woman Yoga videos  (including videos for fertility, pelvic floor, pregnancy and post-natal period)

  • Monthly meditation/yoga nidras 

  • Rewilding practices 

  • Exclusive blogs and personal sharings 

  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness practices and content

  • Lunar rituals and reflections 

  • Journal prompts 

  • Full access to the entire back catalogue of content

Club Mission

Reconnecting to nature . Reclaiming our cyclical wildness . Restoring the village

Club Aims

  • To value, honour and role model cyclical living and wildness in all that we do

  • To promote the rewilding of women and nature

  • To restore a community mindset and build our village

  • To offer an inclusive space in which we strive for ALL to feel fully seen, heard, held & respected

  • To learn about the barriers to inclusivity and actively seek to remove them wherever we can

  • To speak with kindness and with truth

  • To practice radical acceptance of ourselves and each other

  • To elevate, celebrate & empower ourselves, each other and our wider community

Valuing Creativity

Patreon is a wonderful way of flipping the script of creative work being less valuable.

It allows creators the space to nourish our creativity and pour our hearts and resources into something we can be really proud of in a sustainable way all whilst making a living.


It also offers more intimacy with our supporters and community which is what I'm ALL about.

So, thank you for supporting my work, creativity and vision, being open to receiving my most intimate thoughts and ideas and being a part of this amazing community, it means the world to me.

I'm so looking forward to welcoming you in and getting to know you. 


The Membership Tiers

A whole variety of options depending on your interests & financial situation.



  • A monthly yoga nidra or meditation

  • Full back catalogue access

  • Invite only lifetime access to our the private Wild Woman Club community group

  • Early access - to events, retreats and circles

  • Exclusive events & content



  • Monthly Wild Woman Yoga videos

  • Lunar phase rituals and journal prompts

  • Playlists to accompany your practices

  • Rewilding practices

  • Bonus nidras and meditations

  • Create your content with input/suggestions

  • Plus everything from previous tier



Wilder Woman

  • Free access to all classes online or in person

  • Hugely discounted access to workshops & retreats

  • Free access to any circles I offer 

  • Plus everything from previous tiers 



  • Digital download - Charting Your Cycles Starter Kit including Starting Charting workbook, print at home Cycle Tracker, Menstrual Meditation and more

  • Monthly Menstrual Downloads - insights, practices, prompts, videos and audio recordings to support your cyclical awareness and charting practice

  • Access to a one off free yoga class

  • Discounts on menstrually related courses

  • Plus everything from previous tiers


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How do I join?

To become a member you simply need to sign up to any membership tier of my Patreon page and you'll be invited to join the private community page for life and gain access to all content since forever straight away!

​If you want to get to know me a little more before diving in you can try my free Youtube class, a Yoga Nidra on Insight Timer & follow me on Instagram.

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‘Here is the promise from the wild psyche to all of us. Even though we have only heard about, glimpsed or dreamt of a wondrous wild world that we belonged to once, even though we have not yet or only momentarily touched it, even though we do not identify ourselves as part of it, the memory of it is a beacon that guides us toward what we belong to for the rest of our lives. In the ugly duckling story a knowing yearning stirs when he sees the swans lift up into the sky, and from that single event his remembrance of that vision sustains him’ ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves


When Women Come Together in the Forest Magic Happens

As our senses open to their natural home our bodies and minds come alive, as the skin on our bare feet meets the body of earth we remember, a primordial homecoming. 

'The forest has wrapped us in a promise, we are remembered here and always will be' 
~ Caroline Hillyer

As we trace the tracks of wild women who have come before us our masks begin to slip away, layers of protection on which we have come to depend fall away with each tear, howl and roar and we remember how to wrap ourselves in the universal red thread of connection that holds and supports us all. 

As we navigate our way through the forest we begin to navigate back home to the deep heart's core, clearing away the debris that has kept us from finding our way back home, barriers that have kept our soft centres hidden from view. In rediscovering our softness, we at the same time rediscover the immense power that lies in our vulnerability and with each shedding skin, we begin to deepen into our capacity to hold both ourselves and others.

As we gather together in the power of our softness and vulnerability each tear becomes another drop in the collective ocean of emotion that fills and lifts us up and away from suffering and allows us to surrender to the ripples, tides, storms and waves that make our wild lives worth living.

We have a capacity to love that is built into our DNA, we are the caregivers of the planet. We know this to be true but when we come together in the wild we come to feel it deep in our hearts and bones. Our blood and bones are sewn together with threads of interconnection, our hearts and minds are made to hold, hear and heal, and our wombs are made to weave wild magic.

The forest is our home, the ocean feeds our souls and the moon, stars and sun connect us all as one. As we begin creature by creature, community by community to remember the homecoming scent of earth and pine, the rhythms of our bodies, primordial time, may we remember that we are whole, we are wild, we can be free beyond our wildest dreams. May we remember that we are never alone and each and every one of us is just one paw print away from the next on this wild ride we call life.

Carly x

Image by Filip Zrnzević

What people say

I feel I’ve finally found a community, finally found people that are like minded. Since having my little girl about 2 and a half years ago I have felt very lost and have been on a healing journey to find myself and come home. I am so happy to be a part of what you have to offer and the bits I did / read last night literally made my evening x

—  Anonymous