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Sat, 03 Mar


The Yurt

Full Moon Women's Circle - Clear and Release

A celebratory and soothing evening in the moon lodge in honour of this full moon in Virgo. A place of retreat and rest, ritual and sharing.

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Full Moon Women's Circle - Clear and Release
Full Moon Women's Circle - Clear and Release

Time & Location

03 Mar 2018, 17:00 – 20:00

The Yurt, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes MK17, UK


About The Event

Full Moon Women's Circle

All ages and life stages welcome (under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult)


A celebratory and soothing evening in the moon lodge in honour of this full moon in Virgo. A place of retreat and rest, ritual and sharing.

The full moon is said to be a time of celebration and abundance and is also a very potent time of release and surrender. When the moon is full we are said to have more awareness than usual and to be more in touch with our shadow, which can help us to have powerful realisations and insights. At this highest point of the cycle we can also feel alive with very potent and powerful feelings and emotions. This is the perfect time to come together as women in the mood lodge, to show up exactly as we are and let those feelings move through us intuitively and without inhibition. This is our sacred space of surrender.

Tribal moon name: Full Worm Moon

So called after the earthworms that emerge at this time of year.

March 2018 is a special month, not only because it’s when the spring equinox occurs but also because it will host two full Moons—one on the 2nd and another on the 31st (just as we had two full Moons in January). The second full Moon is called a Blue Moon - Farmer's Alamac (

Astrology: Full Moon in Virgo

Our evening in the moon lodge will harness the magic of a woman's deep and innate connection to both earth and water. Virgo is a sign of focus and clearing, the perfect time to connect to earth and move like water to clear and release anything that is holding us back from our full potential and wild freedom.

'The Virgo Full Moon opposes the Sun in mystical Pisces. This magical axis combines grounding earth and nourishing water, much like Virgo's symbol of wheat becomes bread, which nourishes our bodies.' ~ Simone Butler, Moon Power

Giving back:

These gatherings help to raise funds for our chosen charity: TreeSisters.

Planting trees and supporting the women planting them across the globe.




Register and pay online

Exchange: £20 (£15 if booked with Full Moon Primal Life Blood Ceremony and Workshop)

Please ask for concessions/child prices

(Book with Full Moon Primal Life Blood Ceremony and Workshop taking place 12:30-16:00 on the same day and received a receive a £5 discount - £35 for both instead of £40)


The afternoon menstruality workshop finishes at 16:00, so feel free to join from then, we'll be drinking tea and sharing offerings in the garden room

17:00-17:30 - gather in the garden room for tea, decoration, socialising or rest and orientation

17:30-19:30 - Full Moon Women's Circle, moon bathing, practices and deep rest

19:30-20:00 - sharing of offerings and social or rest

What to bring:

• Journal and pen (or pen and paper)

• Yoga mat and blanket plus anything you like to have to be warm and comfortable

• Drinking water (no running water in the yurt)

• Mug for tea (herbal tea provided)

• A nourishing and healthy food offering or a delight for the senses to share with the group if you're staying on afterwards

*veggie/vegan food, flowers, incense, poems, song, crystals, candles, something you’ve made, anything at all!

Detailed joining instructions will be sent out closer to the date to all those booked on.

To read what women have said about this work:

To read more about Moon Forest Flow:

Please do get in contact if you have any questions at all, to book or to be added to the mailing list for future gatherings and retreats.

Carly xx



Full Moon Circles:

There is something incredibly powerful about women gathering under the moon in their softness, vulnerability and power. To have a space in this world of restraint to show emotion, to speak our truth and our doubts and be held in the full support of our sisters however we show up is completely invaluable and calls us home to ourselves.

Lunar Women’s Circles (Moon Lodges) are an ancient tradition stemming from a time when we shared so much more of life with each other than we do today. We would forage, cook and rear our children together and we made time to celebrate what it meant to be a woman by honouring rites of passage, childbirth, fertility, menopause and the cycles of natures, especially those of the moon.

Women intuitively know how to heal and nourish each other making this time spent together essential for our wellbeing, allowing for rest, recalibration, reconnection and rewilding.


You are welcome to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, beautiful, sensual, wild, tribal, relaxed, sleepy whatever you feel is right for you. Pyjamas, simple comfortable clothing, jungle jane attire or evening dress are all totally welcome and invited.

If you want to get creative, decorative, elaborate you are very welcome but the most important thing is that you are comfortable and feel good.


Inclusivity policy:

Moon circles are family friendly and open to women of all ages and circumstances.

In times passed we would have shared so much more of life with each other than we do now and this would have included the raising of children. Our children would have been welcomed into the lodge and raised communally, garnering the invaluable knowledge and wisdom of the ebb and flow of all things. This inclusive and open environment is crucially important to the rewilding of life and as such these moon lodge gatherings are open to women of all ages and circumstances.

Whether bleeding or not, with or without a womb, pregnant, with small ones in tow, breastfeeding, peri-menopausal, menopausal or in the wisdom years. We all have our own unique wisdom to bring and stories to tell. This passing down of wisdom through the generations is an ancient practice without which we suffer. The reinstatement of the moon lodge provides a valuable space of healing, learning, nurturing, retreat and replenishment, a space that is more crucially essential to our wellbeing than ever before.

Children are welcome to play, read, draw, colour in or participate in the circle as you feel right. I just ask that you are happy to be fully responsible for them and keep them safe. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Moon circles are women only.

Many, many women have suffered abuse in some way whether mental, physical or sexual and for these women it is crucially important to have a safe space to explore regaining trust in their bodies, minds, emotions and others. It is for this reason that these gatherings are women only but this does not mean that we are man haters or anything of the kind! We are just coming together in the safety and security of our sisterhood to relearn how to trust and love so that we might better trust and love in our intimate relationships, families and friendships.


Cyclical Work Without a Cycle

Some of our work refers to the monthly menstrual cycle but this does not exclude women without a monthly bleed, we are all cyclical beings with or without a visible inner rhythm.

More information on this below if you were wondering whether this circle was for you or not:

Working without a monthly bleed:

This circle is open to all women whether bleeding or not. If you are not currently working with a monthly bleed then your connection to the moon grows ever stronger as you look to the skies to guide you.

The wisdom years:

If peri-menopausal, menopausal or in the wisdom years then you may have a life of cyclical wisdom to share with us and we welcome your wild wisdom. You also become an expert of the inner autumn, often one of the most challenging seasons for many women and so your wisdom on this is also hugely welcomed. This work can also help to retrospectively shed light on a life of cycles.

Working with an irregular cycle:

If your cycle is irregular, know that often there is a larger cycle within that. Charting can help. This can make it tricky to know which season you are currently in but usually there is an inner knowing. If there isn't then you can look to the moon to guide you and take your cyclical cues from her.

Hormonal contraception:

There are lots of incredibly valid reasons for needing/wanting hormonal contraception so please know that this should never exclude you from participating in menstruality work. All women are welcome in these circles. Hormonal contraception does however interrupt the natural cycles and can cut you off from the depth of emotion that arises through a monthly bleed, which can make it difficult to differentiate between inner seasons but just as the women not currently working with a bleed, your connection to the moon grows stronger as you look to the skies to guide you. You may also still feel the faint and distant call of your cycle.


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