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Menstrual Cycle Awareness

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Menstrual Cycle Awareness is the simple yet profound practice of coming to know, accept and cooperate with your cycle for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The simple act of learning to understand, accept and cooperate with your cycle can be game changing.


To realise we are not mental but elemental can bolster self confidence and provide a powerful sense of inner knowing and inner strength. Knowledge is power and self understanding leads to self-love and if there are two things womxn need in this world it's power and self-love!

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Life isn't meant to be a continuous uphill struggle and periods aren't supposed to be a thing of shame and suffering. 

When we are taught to suppress, deny and ignore our menstrual cycles it serves only to reinforce the already ever-present feeling within so many womxn that something is wrong with us, that suffering and discomfort are a normal part of being a woman and should be expected and endured.

Rejecting the menstrual cycle is a rejection of ourselves, our bodies and our emotions and acceptance of a lack of congruency as our status quo. It perpetuates the idea that women’s needs don’t matter. To ignore and deny a natural menstrual cycle is to accept suffering as a normal experience, to suppress it with medication is to feel that numbness is the only option.

Well we have accepted the shame, the silence and the suffering for too long and now the time has come to bring menstruation out of the dark and to reclaim our power.

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What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Self Care

A self-care practice for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Rhythmical Rebellion

A revolutionary and culturally rebellious practice that rejects the cultural paradigm of perpetual growth and productivity over all else

Education Reclamation

A reclamation of the body literacy many of us have been denied through a lack of education, information and conversation

Self Development 

A tool for psychological growth, self-healing and transformation

A Blueprint for a Life in Sync

A blueprint for a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life

A Framework for Finding Purpose and Meaning

A framework for reclaiming our power and connecting to the deeper meaning of our lives


A practice that is rooted in environmentalism that can help you discover and harness your cycle as a form of activism and a driver for personal, cultural and social change  

A Therapeutic Tool 

A therapeutic tool that builds self love, self acceptance and self confidence


Our birth rite
Our birth rite as wild and cyclical beings to know how to flow with our cycle

I had no idea when I started off Menstrual Cycle Awareness, as a preparation for coping with a life shift into menopause, that it would lead to such potential in terms of whole self-awareness.


Through 1:1 sessions with Carly, I have realised that a key to finding a sense of inner integrity is listening to the wisdom of my body and that living without that listening was a disconnection from mental and spiritual integrity that I was looking for: an amazing resource literally under my nose!


As a result of Carly's mentoring, I have felt truly re-energised and more settled in my skin and in my bones. Through paying attention to my cycle and using it as a focal point of how I feel physically and emotionally, I have paid attention to the things that truly bring me pleasure and energy and have begun to let go of old habits that were fake pleasure props; an example of this is that I haven't had any alcohol over the past month and where this may once have seemed like a deprivation, it now feels like a freedom. Menstrual cycle awareness has given me time to acknowledge and honour what I am feeling and to take care of those feelings rather than override them. Instead of seeming a lockdown 'indulgence', time given to appreciating the cyclical rhythm embedded in my body has become a key to wellbeing, confidence and a deepening sense of self-awareness. ~ Emma

Why Menstrual Cycle Awareness Matters

Connection to Nature and to Ourselves

The menstrual cycle is our inner timekeeper, our connection to Earth and the rhythms of nature. It holds the keys to our true nature and shows us the way back home. Each phase of the cycle offers an opportunity to explore and grow different aspects of yourself and your life. Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a built in self-enquiry tool.

Congruency and Options

To reject the menstrual cycle is to reject ourselves, our bodies and our emotions and to accept a lack of congruency as our status quo. It perpetuates the idea that our needs don’t matter. To ignore and deny a natural menstrual cycle is to accept suffering as a normal experience, to suppress it with medication is to feel that numbness is the only option. All people with periods deserve access to up to date, complete and unbiased information so that we can make informed decisions that are right for our individual circumstances and situations.


Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

Self understanding leads to self love and until we understand our wild and cyclical nature it can be hard to love ourselves fully. Learning to understand and embrace our menstrual cycles is to understand and embrace ourselves.


Surrender to the Flow

We are cyclical beings and we ebb and flow with the ever-shifting rhythms of our inner and outer lands. To practice Menstrual Cycle Awareness is to reclaim our rhythmical birth rite, remember the joys of swimming downstream and learn how to flow with the currents that guide and inform our very beings.


Body Literacy

The menstrual cycle is an invaluable tool for people with periods in monitoring health and wellbeing and holds a wealth of wisdom about the state of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Each and every symptom is a messenger carrying information about imbalances and issues in both body, mind and spirit and to learn to decode them is to be empowered with the knowledge needed to be able to choose appropriate action.

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Starting Charting

Menstrual Cycle Awareness can promote a deep sense of self-awareness, which is one of the many incredible benefits, as you are invited to pay quiet, close attention throughout each day to your physical changes, symptoms, moods, emotions, energy levels, needs, wants, behaviours and tendencies.


Over time you may begin to notice patterns and discover the parts of your cycle that you find more enjoyable or challenging than others and so much more!

What you'll need

  • Pen and chart/journal

  • The date of the start of your last period or to be on day 1 today!

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