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Menstrual Cycle Awareness

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My Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice is a non-negotiable part of my every day and the only thing I have consistently kept up year in year out is completing my chart. 

I no longer feel like I have a practice it just feels like an inseparable part of my life and one I couldn't and wouldn't do without.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a way of life that has the power to transform lives and I'm so excited that you're here to give it a go!


Life isn't meant to be a continuous uphill struggle and periods aren't supposed to be full of shame and suffering.

When we are taught to suppress, deny and ignore our menstrual cycles, it serves only to reinforce the feeling (ever-present within so many of us) that something is wrong with us. That suffering and discomfort are a normal part of being a person with periods and should be expected and endured.

Rejecting the menstrual cycle is a rejection of ourselves, our bodies and our emotions and acceptance of a lack of congruency as our status quo. It perpetuates the idea that our needs don’t matter. To ignore and deny a natural menstrual cycle is to accept suffering as a normal experience, to suppress it with medication is to feel that numbness is the only option.

Well we have accepted the shame, the silence and the suffering for too long and now the time has come to bring menstruation out of the dark and to reclaim our power.

I had no idea when I started off Menstrual Cycle Awareness, as a preparation for coping with a life shift into menopause, that it would lead to such potential in terms of whole self-awareness.


Through 1:1 sessions with Carly, I have realised that a key to finding a sense of inner integrity is listening to the wisdom of my body and that living without that listening was a disconnection from mental and spiritual integrity that I was looking for: an amazing resource literally under my nose!


As a result of Carly's mentoring, I have felt truly re-energised and more settled in my skin and in my bones. Through paying attention to my cycle and using it as a focal point of how I feel physically and emotionally, I have paid attention to the things that truly bring me pleasure and energy and have begun to let go of old habits that were fake pleasure props; an example of this is that I haven't had any alcohol over the past month and where this may once have seemed like a deprivation, it now feels like a freedom. Menstrual cycle awareness has given me time to acknowledge and honour what I am feeling and to take care of those feelings rather than override them. Instead of seeming a lockdown 'indulgence', time given to appreciating the cyclical rhythm embedded in my body has become a key to wellbeing, confidence and a deepening sense of self-awareness. ~ Emma

Know, Grow, Flow

Menstrual Cycle Awareness can promote a deep sense of self-awareness, which is one of the many incredible benefits, as you are invited to pay quiet, close attention throughout each day to your physical changes, symptoms, moods, emotions, energy levels, needs, wants, behaviours and tendencies.


Over time you may begin to notice patterns and discover the parts of your cycle that you find more enjoyable or challenging than others and so much more!

I like to break the practice down into three parts...


1. Know

Get to know what is happening in your body through learning about the menstrual cycle and charting your own.


2. Grow

Grow to understand, accept and cooperate with your shifting and changing hormones, moods, energy levels, behaviours and tendencies throughout the cycle.


3. Flow

Learn to flow with your unique experience of the menstrual cycle, discover how to harness and support yourself through each phase, and uncover the wild and cyclical life of your dreams.

'Filling out my Menstrual Cycle Awareness Chart day 3, thank you Carly for teaching me that periods don't just happen TO US we can actually work with those sassy stripper days and comfy toad days, exciting revelations.' ~ Robyn

Biology Meets Psychology

The brain, uterus and ovaries work together in communication with hormonal messengers that ebb and flow throughout the cycle.

As these various hormones ebb and flow they do more than just instigate biological processes they also usher in mental, physical and emotional changes.


In my Menstrual Mentoring sessions and workshops, Patreon 'Flow' tiers & my book 'Know Grow Flow' we go into detail around these changes so that you can start to gain an understanding of how your cycle is impacting the way you feel and show up in the world.

We will explore: 

  • Discovering your charting style & method(s)

  • What to chart and how

  • Charting tips and tricks 

  • Deeper insights journal prompts

  • The seasons of the cycle 

  • The wheel of the year and your cycle

  • Rituals & self-care for each phase 

  • From problematic to powerful - caring for your challenges

  • Your menstrual cycle as a way of monitoring your health

  • Environmental impacts and how to mitigate them

  • Rituals and practices to deepen your practice 

  • Creating your menstrual blueprint for a life in sync

  • Your Cycle Entourage - meeting those supportive & deconstructive voices

  • And lots lots more!


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