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Sun, 07 Oct


Secret location (Stony, Milton Keynes)

FREE Monthly Women's Circle ~ October

A women's circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. This is our monthly sacred space of rest, retreat and reconnection.

Registration is now closed, this gathering is fully booked
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FREE Monthly Women's Circle ~ October
FREE Monthly Women's Circle ~ October

Time & Location

07 Oct 2018, 11:00 – 13:00

Secret location (Stony, Milton Keynes) , Blenheim Ave, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11, UK


About The Event

FREE Monthly Women's Circle

Open to women of all ages, life stages and cycle phases welcome, including babies and young children


Moon Forest Flow | MOON

Reconnecting to the seasons and cycles of nature and of our bodies

Reclaiming the moon lodge

Restoring our cyclical nature

Women’s Circles have transformed my life, many women before me and I see them continue to transform the lives of women over and over.

There is something incredibly powerful about women gathering together in sacred space. In the moon lodge we can show up exactly as we are and feel heard, nurtured, supported and understood. In a world of predictability and restraint here we are reminded of our innate cyclical and feeling natures and are invited to explore a life lived in full flow of our emotions and at an intuitive pace.

I feel very strongly that this is something that all women should have access to and so have decided to offer free monthly women’s circles. I will organise the dates to be as close as possible to the new or full moon and if I can’t host it then I will find a replacement facilitator to ensure this monthly community space is honoured. The time and day will vary to ensure options for different working and life patterns.

I will gather donations to cover the spaces we use (when we use paid spaces but will try to do free forest ones regularly too!). If you can afford to donate towards the space then do but if you can't there is no pressure.

“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get Naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it. Please, please allow it.” ~ Jeanette LeBlanc

Carly x



Upcoming dates:

Sunday 7th October 11am-1pm (Stony Stratford - address sent closer to the date)

Friday 9th November 6:30-8:30pm (New Moon) location tbc

Saturday 24th November 11am-1pm (Full Moon) location tbc

What to expect:

  • Opening space, centring, grounding and introduction
  • Each month there will be different practices and explorations, some with me, some with other women
  • As we build our community the content, themes and practices we partake in will be guided by our needs, wants and desires as a community
  • We will close each gathering with a sharing circle ~ the sharing will sometimes be completely open and sometimes be themed
  • Sharing is always optional, you can always pass and just sit back and soak up the words from the other women
  • There will then be space to share snacks and socialise afterwards if you would like to

‘In the native American tradition if you wanted to destroy a village you simply destroyed the Moon Lodge – the place where the woman gathered every new moon to intuit insight to govern the tribe. So it stands to reason that the fastest way to rebuild our global village is to re-instate the tradition of the Moon Lodge or Red Tent.’ ~ Tanishk



Detailed location information will be sent out to all those booked on each month.

To bring:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blankets/pillows/bolsters/sleeping bag (anything you like to be cosy and comfortable)
  • Journal and pen (for reflections and sometimes questions we will dive into together)
  • Drinking water/thermos of tea/snacks (optional)
  • Sacred space items that you want to place on the communal altar (optional)


Free ~ with a small donation to room hire and supplies (if applicable, the joining instructions will provide more detail)


  • Register and click through to ticket link in event page to book on
  • Booking is essential as it helps to manage numbers. We limit these circles in size to ensure we maintain the intimacy whilst still allowing plenty of women to join. Some venues have smaller space limitations than others.
  • Booking is also essential as often the address of where the circle takes place is private and needs to be emailed to all those attending.
  • Free circles often feel like less of a commitment which can be a lovely feeling if you're a bit of a commitmentphobe but please do try to honour your space and if you need to cancel your place then please give us as much notice as possible so that we can offer your space to someone on the waiting list or re-advertise the circle

More info:

Please read our inclusivity policy below for more information about different life stages (pregnancy, menopause, lactation etc.), bringing your children, working cyclically without a cycle, why we are women only and more.

Read more about wild well woman yoga, yoga nidra, women's circles, working with the moon and more on my website.

See you in the moon lodge!

Carly x

Encountering our cyclical nature through honouring and celebrating the phases of the moon, seasons and cycles of nature and the flow of all life

Yoga . Nidra . Nature . Women’s Circles . Menstruality . Ritual



These gatherings are open to women of all ages and life stages

In times past we would have shared so much more of life with each other than we do now and this would have included the raising of children. They would have been welcomed into the lodge and raised communally, garnering the invaluable knowledge and wisdom of the ebb and flow of all things. This inclusive and open environment is crucially important to the rewilding of life and as such our retreat is open to women of all ages, circumstances and life stages.

Whether pregnant, lactating, with nurturing small babies or children, with or without a womb, working with a monthly bleed or not, peri-menopausal, menopausal or in the wisdom years, all women are welcomed.

We all have our own unique wisdom to bring and stories to tell. This passing down of wisdom through the generations is an ancient practice without which we suffer. The reinstatement of the inclusive nature of moon lodges and gatherings provides an invaluable space of healing, learning, nurturing, retreat and replenishment. The pace of our modern lives means that creating this space that is more crucial and essential to our wellbeing than ever before.

If you are bringing children or babies we just ask that you are happy to be fully responsible for them at all times, to understand what that means in terms of your participation and to ensure they are kept safe.

Women only

Creating a space where women feel fully heard, felt and held is our aim for these circles. Many women have experienced suffering in some way, be that mentally, physically, sexually or all of these. We feel it is crucially important to have this safe space to explore the regaining of trust in our bodies, minds and emotions. It is for this reason that our retreats and gatherings are women only. We do not wish to exclude, accuse or demonise men in any way shape or form, we are just coming together in the sacred space of our sisterhood to relearn how to trust and love, so that we might be better able to trust and love in our own intimate relationships, families and friendships.


  • Seat in the circle

    Your free space in the circle.

    Sold Out
  • Wait list

    Please leave your mobile number and how much notice you would need to attend (ie. how far you live from Stony Stratford). I will text/call you to ask if you want to join if we have cancellations (which we almost always do).

    Sold Out

This event is sold out

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