Inclusivity and Diversity

It is important to me that Moon Forest Flow has at its heart an attitude of inclusivity, non-judgement and non-discrimination. This is an area, which is constantly shifting and changing and any suggestions as to how I might make this work more inclusive are always welcome. I am open to accepting the limitations of my understanding and in such situations seek to educate myself to ensure I am always learning, growing and including.




Where a circle, gathering or retreat is listed as women only it is open to all who identify as women without question. These circles value diversity of expression, experience and perspectives.


Explorations of the feminine are inherently inclusive and as such these circles are open to all who identify as women including trans, non-binary or any other expression or identification of femininity.


I believe that every individual in our community should be treated with dignity and respect and be free from barriers regardless of age, class, physical disability, mental disability, gender identity, gender expression, gender assigned at birth, sexual orientation, contraceptive choices, pregnancy, race, colour, religion or belief.


​I feel very strongly that women’s circles and yoga are something that everyone should have access to and so am constantly trying to find ways to offer my work as cheaply as possible to those in need. I currently offer regular free women’s circles, offer a suspended yoga programme to provide free yoga to those in need and offer sliding scale pricing. It's not always possible to offer these options when being hosted at studios for workshops but will always be the case for my own work.


Women only space


Creating a space where women feel fully seen, heard, felt and held is my aim for these circles. It feels crucially important to cultivate this safe space to explore the regaining of trust in our bodies, minds and emotions. It is for this reason that some of my circles, classes, retreats and gatherings are women only. I do not wish to create separation but rather offer safe spaces for women to relearn how to trust and love, so that we might be better able to trust and love in our own intimate relationships, families, friendships and wider communities. Our aim is that this leads to better integration and connection outside of our circles.


Open to all ages and life stages


No person should be excluded from practice on account of bodily function and as such I will always make every effort to accommodate, honour and support women of all ages, life stages and cycle phases. So whether pregnant, lactating, nurturing small babies or children, with or without a womb, with or without a monthly bleed cycle, peri-menopausal, menopausal or in the wisdom years, all are welcomed and supported to the best of my knowledge and ability.


In times past we would have shared so much more of life with each other than we do now and this would have included the raising of children. They would have been welcomed into the lodge and raised communally, garnering the invaluable knowledge and wisdom of the ebb and flow of all things. This inclusive and open environment feels crucially important to the rewilding of life and as such my classes, retreats and gatherings are open to women of all ages, circumstances and life stages and are always inclusive of children.


We all have our own unique wisdom to bring and stories to tell. This passing down of wisdom through the generations is an ancient practice without which we suffer. The reinstatement of the inclusive nature of moon lodges and gatherings seeks to provide an invaluable space of healing, learning, nurturing, rest, retreat and replenishment. The pace of our modern lives makes the cultivation of these spaces feel more crucial and essential to our wellbeing than ever before.




Lactating people are welcome to feed/express during the classes, gatherings or retreats or suitable spaces can also be provided if preferred where possible.




Menstruating, premenstrual or menopausal people are always welcome, will never be excluded and will be offered the option of appropriate practices to honour the time of life or cycle they are experiencing. As an active practitioner of Menstrual Cycle Awareness it feels important to mention that moods and emotions across the full spectrum of our human experience will always be welcome. Always feel free to share your need for space or support.


Small Children and Babies


Children and babies are always welcome in classes, gatherings and on retreats. It feels very important to me that we do not miss out just because we are raising the next generation. I will do my best to support you and your little ones and I have always found the other women in the circle to be supportive of this decision.


If you are bringing children or babies I just ask that you are happy to be fully responsible for them at all times, to understand what that means in terms of your participation and to ensure they are kept safe. I don’t expect reverent silence in class or circle but perhaps bringing something to keep them occupied so that you can fully dive into the practices might be helpful.

Please do get in contact if you have any questions.

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