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Embodying our Menstrual Cycles

The menstrual cycle is our inner timekeeper, our connection to earth and the rhythms of nature, our connection to our deeper selves and a way to initiate and train our power. The menstrual cycle affects everything we do and everything we are and yet we have been taught to ignore, deny and hide this powerful, elemental force. We have been taught that to bleed is inconvenient, to talk of bleeding is shameful and embarrassing to those around us and to admit that we shift and change is somehow admitting to weakness?!

Menstruality is the revolution of women reclaiming their right to a natural cycle, to bleed without shame, to be valued as the shifting, changing wild creatures that we are and not to be expected to be consistent and constrained.

‘Imagine a doctor telling you to ignore your circadian rhythm. Ignore the natural inclination to sleep at night, just keep going until you drop. Not only would it be difficult to order society, it would be madness for your wellbeing. But in essence that’s what’s happening to women when we’re told to ignore the rhythm of menstruation.’ ~Alexandra Pope, The Wild Genie

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