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Online Class Guidance

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  • My insurance says I need to have a consultation with you if I've not taught you before (this can be email/phone) 

  • Please download, fill in and return the health form (digital is great, no need to print/scan)

  • I also sadly can’t teach yoga to anyone in the US or Canada (if you're a friend just promise not to sue me)

Health Form

You will need to complete and return a health form before attending the session. Please try to return it well in advance so I have time to review the details. Thank you! 


  • My online sessions take place using Zoom

  • ​Zoom is free and easy to download and simple to use

  • Please download the software well in advance and test your video/audio to avoid and issues or delays

  • To make the most of the experience you will want to join from a device that has a microphone, speaker and camera such as a phone, tablet or laptop 

  • If you are able to connect your laptop or phone to an external speaker during the class you will have a much clearer, louder audio feed 

  • This may require changing some of the settings in Zoom audio settings so that it picks up your external speaker

  • You will need a fairly strong internet connection for the best experience, turn off your video if your signal gets wonky

  • I will try to be online around 10-15 minutes before the session so that we can troubleshoot and issues but once the session starts I will need to be present with those in the room

Joining the session

  • Follow the Zoom meeting link you have been emailed

  • This link will open the Zoom app 

  • When you arrive into the room your mic will be muted for security purposes - feel free to unmute and say hi when you arrive!


  • There are different view types: 'Speaker View' and 'Gallery View' - speaker view will show you just the person who is speaking or me if I am teaching a yoga class, gallery view will show you everyone - gallery can be good before and after class to catch up with friends and see everyone's faces, speaker view is best during movement practices so you have a clear view 

  • Use the 'pin' option to pin the teacher as the main image during practice and switch to speaker view 

  • Before class please let me know if you're working with any injuries or issues in the chat box or out loud verbally if you prefer

  • During the yoga class I won't be able to hear you as I use an external mic - so to get my attention type in the chat box or use the 'raise hand' feature and I will see the pop up 

  • Please bear in mind I won't necessarily be able to see everyone during class depending on class numbers so I'll come and loom onto your screen a couple of times just to make sure you're all doing ok

  • During a women's circle use the 'raise hand' feature to share and I will unmute you 

  • If your connection gets unstable during class you could try turning off your video (I won't be able to see you but you can still see me)

  • For yoga nidras and meditations it might be useful to have headphones so that you can hear clearly 

  • For a yoga class it might be useful to have your device plugged into or connected to a speaker so that you can increase the volume 

Virtual Space Experience

  • Settling in time - Arrive 5-10 mins early if you can to check everything's working and set up your camera angle/space

  • Disturbance free - It's not always possible but where you can try to minimise disturbances, turn off other devices 

  • Props - Grab your blankets, pillows, eye cover and props like you would at the studio

  • Sacred space - Light some candles, burn some incense/oils, brew your favourite tea or hot drink let this be a sacred bit of time just for you

  • Music - I may share a Spotify playlist with you so that you can create some ambience at home but feel free to play your own music too

Please check in with me before/after class on email or in the private Wild Woman Club Facebook community if you're a Patron! Your feedback means I can keep on making the best of this situation and offering you what you need!

See you online! 

Carly x 

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