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Showing My Work

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In 2020 I made a commitment to being held accountable for my anti-racism, inclusivity and equality work and a part of that was to provide a yearly update.

This year has been one of education, reflection and action and I am committed to continuing this work. Listed below are the actions I have taken to educate myself and try to do better.




  • Read Akala’s Natives

  • Watched Akala's IGTV live series

  • Attended Natalie K Martin’s Yin and Journaling anti-racism education workshop – Meet Your Shadows  

  • Webinar with Susanna Barkataki on cultural appropriation in yoga

  • Tuned into Joelle Lewis IGTV Live sessions on cultural appropriation in yoga

  • Read Yoga & Embodied Social Change book

  • Listened to Jameela Jamil’s podcast with Rachel Cargel

  • Listened to Brown Girl Green’s Racial Equality in the Outdoors podcast

  • Listened to Whoreible Decision podcast on BLM

  • Learned about the Tik Tok girls in Egypt and shared their story, signed petitions

  • Read and engaged anti-racism content on Instagram



  • Linked up with a member of Roller Derby Equity Group to discuss shared points across both industries and what we can do better as yoga teachers

  • Reviewed and updated my policies

  • Diversification of my feeds

  • Created & continuing to grow Google doc in community: Womxn of Colour Directory – a place where we can share businesses run by womxn of colour  

  • Attended protest

  • Signed & followed petition about Black Maternal Health care

  • Asked yoga studios for their plans – left one yoga studio because they refused to take action

  • Shared information with my community 


Financial & time investment:

I reviewed where I was spending my money, time and energy and am seeking to redirect it…

  • Invested in Black authors – Latham Thomas, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Vianney Leigh

  • Actively sought out and attended classes and listened to meditations with Black teachers

  • Actively sought out Black Menstrual Educators and invested in, followed and shared their work

  • Added We Are Happy Period as my monthly donation on behalf of my Patreon community (already donating to TreeSisters)

  • Donated to Black Minds Matter

  • Donated to Black Lives Matter

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