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Wild woman yoga!

As a women’s yoga teacher with a love of all things lunar I often get pigeonholed into the calm, quiet and restful category. I have also to some degree placed myself here because for a long time it was exactly what I needed. The peace, quiet, stillness, subtlety and silence have been an essential part of my healing journey but so too have flowing, roaring, howling & dancing my way to liberation and wildness.

So there's a time and place for the gentle, subtle and sensitive but there's also a time for cutting loose to loud music and getting wild.

I have been listening intently to what has been coming up for me the past couple of moon and menstrual cycles and have used this to refine my path.

Introducing Wild Woman Yoga!

A women’s yoga practice is one that honours the cyclical nature of our bodies and lives and as such should be both nurturing and replenishing at certain times and fierce, wild and free at others.

Like the lioness we have the capacity to be both gentle, caring nurturers and fierce, fiery protectors, our wildness can be expressed in both a gentle purr and a ferocious roar.

Fierce Free Flow ~ A Fiery, Wild & Free Dynamic Women's Yoga Practice

Fierce Free Flow is a fiery, playful and feminine approach to flow that seeks to ignite the inner fire, unleash wildness and liberate movement and energy.

An invitation to invoke your inner wild woman, incite rebellion and surrender to the flow. This practice invites you to release stuck energy, shed inhibitions, and liberate yourself to explore intuitive primal movement.

Dynamic, fluid and playful asana to a diverse and danceable playlist.

Wild Woman Wind Down ~ A gentle, restful and restorative Women's Yoga practice

Wild Woman Wind Down is an adaptive and feminine approach to yoga that seeks to support, nurture and empower women through all life stages and cycle phases. A practice that is fluid and adaptable to the waxing and waning of our needs and natures as women.

An invitation to fully surrender to the seasons and cycles of your life and practice in a way that nourishes and supports your body wherever you might be in your menstrual cycle or greater life cycle. It offers full permission to be released from the expectations of consistency, predictability and infinite resource.

Carly x

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