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I might just burn down the world and start over...

Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a potent practice for connecting to the many different expressions of power we have access to as people with periods. And reclaiming our power is so essential in these times where it can be so easy to feel powerless.

'The menstrual cycle is not the problem rather it’s a culture that says women should be a certain way and not another’ ~ Alexandra Pope

Futility is a very powerful sedative but thankfully the menstrual cycle has a few tricks up its sleeve to shake us out of our sedated slumber. Anyone who's ever experienced PMS (and apparently 90% of us have) will know that it's energy isn't very 'lay down and take it' and as a consequence we don't tend to be able to let go very easily or stay quiet about things that feel unjust or unfair. Now sometimes that's frustrating and can be negatively disruptive if not handled well but when it comes to using this fire to speak out and stand up to protect and preserve life, that disruption becomes a powerful driver for change.

I saw this play out in my own body over the last few weeks and when I finally took space to reflect this is what I discovered about periods and activism. (As ever I share from my personal experience because to speak generally is to make assumptions and only you are the authority on you and every cycle experience is unique <3)

If the shit hits the fan when I'm on my period or just before I give way less fucks, I don’t feel as protective of myself and will go any lengths to protect another. And I FEEL EVERYTHING with particularly easy access to rage and grief. My body is like, you're not pregnant? Great, nothing to lose! It’s a potent fire that will not be fucked with and a powerful instigator for shaking shit up.

It’s also highly charged and needs some channelling otherwise I might just burn down the world and start over. I’d prefer to lie down and chill during this phase but if I need to show up then it’s all or nothing and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Then the moment I enter my fertile window I'm like... oh god, did I go a bit hard there? I love you! Are you ok? Are we all ok? Suddenly my inner mama emerges and I’m running all over town (literally) with Prosecco and flowers making sure my crew are all doing ok.

And then the luteal phase arrives and with it the cold hard light of day and some serious clarity on what is and isn't working. I adore progesterone for its capacity to show me the truth. It’s like taking off the rose tinted glasses and seeing things as they really are. Myself, those around me and the world. And THAT is powerful when we're trying to make change.

Knowing how your emotions tend to show up and the types of power you have access to in each phase and how to work with them can help transmute powerlessness into power, hopelessness into hope and ideas into action.

To ride the waves of emotion and energy as they arise, to let it all in and to integrate, assimilate and process all of that through your body and your cycle into clear vision and inspired action is a hugely valuable lifeskill and a potent template for activism work as well as gaining access to the deeper meaning of you life and the best bit? It's FREE. You don't need any training or accreditation. You just start living it. Living in sync.

I know that sounds quite grand but for real this is what people tell me and it’s my own experience too. The simple act of paying attention can be hugely transformative and empowering.

For anyone looking to diversify their feed and invest in people of colour I wanted to share my favourite MCA/Women's Health/Women's Yoga accounts from non-white people:

Naseem Khakoo / @naseemkhakoo

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Lisa Hendrickson-Jack / @fertilityfriday

Kristal Kirton / @krystalkirton

Moonli / @moonli.woman

Kerry Wilde / @_kerrywilde_

Carly x

Photo: Nathan Lindahl @hip_dinosaur

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