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When joy feels far away

It is so hard when joy feels far away. The landscape feels as though it’s grown monotonous and grey and it can feel unending. But just because we can’t see or taste or feel joy that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. It’s just over the horizon out of sight waiting for us to surrender and be carried on the waves back home to ourselves.

This is not our first rodeo, we have done this before and we can do it again.

I know this because we have strength of spirit, a spirit so powerful and so strong that it can stay alight beneath the surface during these times of darkness, ready to burst through when the time is right. When we have felt what we need to feel, alchemised what we need to alchemise, taken the lessons that we need to learn and leant into the practices we know support us through these times.

For now, let us stay close to faith. Let us remember our strength. Let us remember that our ability to face these experiences is a sign of our growing capacity. Let us remember that we are always changing in every way. We are not who we were even 5 minutes ago.

We are evolving in spirals and these times forge us.

The more that we have to show up in our strength and our vulnerability, the more that we have to pry ourselves open to life, the more that we have to face the critical voice, the darkness, the sadness, the grief, the pain, the trauma, the more we carve out the capacity for tremendous peace and joy.

Peace and joy are on the horizon.

We will be ok again, joy will surface once more and that joy will be that much sweeter for having journeyed into the dark. We will shine so bloody bright once this time of darkness passes and we will look back and see that each moment of sadness, each tear, each painful emotion, each moment feeling completely lost has contributed to who we are becoming.

All of this that we are feeling, or not feeling as the case may be, serves a greater purpose. It is guiding us ever onwards to the highest expressions of ourselves. We are as worthy in this moment now as we were in our greatest joy. Nothing is wrong. Everything that is arising is guiding. We can do this because we always do. I believe in me and I believe in you.

Carly x

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