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Healing from Hopelessness

The Earth is suffering and we are suffering too and sometimes the magnitude of the problem can feel overwhelming. When in the depths of any kind of suffering, whether grief or trauma or addiction or whatever it is we have encountered and are experiencing, sometimes the feelings of hopelessness can be all consuming. It can be difficult to see a way through and this is how we can end up feeling about nature and our planet too. We can struggle to see how we might make things better, wonder how our small actions could possibly impact such a huge problem. But we also know that to stay with hopelessness is not an option, we can’t live in this way.

And so somewhere deep down we know we have to have faith, we have to believe that the suffering can and will end, even if we can’t see how right now. Doing nothing is not an option. And from faith grows hope, and with hope comes a shift in our perspective and our capacity to see and to find ways out. And as we begin to take the small seemingly inconsequential actions to end suffering, we see those actions begin to ripple far and wide and our faith and hope grow stronger and our outlook grows a little more optimistic and hopeful. We feel empowered and inspired in the knowledge that we have the capacity to vision a wilder world and a wilder life for ourselves and we have the hope, faith and courage to make it into a reality, feeling hopeful about the healing and rewilding of ourselves and of nature.

‘Rewilding holds out hope of a richer living planet that can once more fill our lives with wonder and enchantment’ ~ George Monbiot

Learn more about rewilding here


This short blog was written on Earth day 2018 and is complemented by a free Wild Nidra download, available to stream and download below.

This Wild Nidra was recorded early in the morning in the forest during a spring shower for Earth Day. The sound of birds, breeze and rain drops run throughout. Dedicated to the rewilding of nature and the rewilding of our bodies.

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