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I dream of a world...

~ I dream of a world where all women have access to toilets and sanitary materials

~ I dream of a world where women can take period days and workforces can see how potent we become when we work in sync with our natural rhythms

~ I dream of a world where periods are celebrated and not shamed or hidden

~ I dream of a world where girls in schools are taught not just the biological but also the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of periods and feel empowered and body literate going into womanhood

~ I dream of a world where every yoga teacher is taught about posture contraindications during menstruation and speaks as freely about them as they might back injury contraindications

~ I dream of a world where doctors know as much if not more about women's health as we do

~ I dream of a world where ageing women are upheld as powerful, wisdom keepers and celebrated as silver vixens What do you dream of? How could you take steps to make this a reality today?

Photo ~ @primalembrace // Necklace ~ @harshrealmjewellery

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