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Choosing radical acceptance of self and others

All that you admire in others is that which you already are

All that you reject in others is that which you reject in yourself

These are words that I have read or heard many times and to cognitively know them is one thing but to experience it in your heart and bones is quite another...

16 humans spending 6 days together in the wild in close quarters is always going to be slightly challenging and it could be especially so with the social rhetoric of competition and comparison that women have been sold since the beginning of time. So it truly blows me away every year how quickly we throw out judgement and step into the deep bonds of sisterhood.

When we see that those things we reject in others are in fact unmet or long suppressed parts of ourselves then each interaction becomes an opportunity for love and growth rather than conflict and judgement. As we grow to know, understand and love those parts of ourselves, the capacity to empathise and love others grows exponentially. A love that began to pour out through tears of grief, empathy and relief in our circles each and every day. Many women courageously speak in these circles of the inner voice of criticism that is directed both inwardly and outwardly, a protection mechanism that keeps us from true connection and intimacy. The simple act of acknowledging and exploring this voice is the first step to choosing radical acceptance of self and others.

When we see that all we admire in others is truly a mirror of that which we already are, it opens us up to great healing, stops us from keeping ourselves small and allows us to bathe in awe of the great power, strength and magnificence of ourselves and our sisters. An awe that is often long overdue. As we look into this mirror and see all that we are, we become all that we always have been. That first time we come to see ourselves as we truly we begin to step into our power.

The lessons I have taken from this time in forest will stay with me a lifetime. Thank you women so very bloody much for being mirrors for me and each other. May each day be an opportunity to elevate ourselves and each other. #PBG

Carly x

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