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Doing the work

I've purposefully not posted and shared sooner because I wanted to hold space for Black voices and for all of the incredible information that has been and continues to be shared.

I hope everyone's doing ok out there?

I have been in close contact with my community directly with regular updates but as people who follow my work I know many are wanting to make sure you are directing your attention and resources to places that fit with your beliefs and visions for the world.

In the last few years I have actively sought to be committed to inclusivity and diversity across all areas including but not limited to our LGBTQIA+ community and people of colour to the best of my knowledge, understanding and ability and it's something that I don't just do to look 'woke' or to fall in line but because it's really bloody important to me, as I know it is to many of you too.

This past couple of weeks has highlighted to me where I can be doing more and where I may have fallen down and, as many of us have been, I have been doing the work behind the scenes personally, professionally, with my community and with the studios I work with to make improvements and changes.

I'm not using this post as a space to publicly share what I've been doing because that isn't the point but rather I simply wanted to mention that looking forwards, as recommended by W. Kamau Bell during his recent conversation with Conan O'Brien, I will be 'showing my work' for my business regularly via quarterly accountability updates sent out in my newsletter. And you're welcome to ask me questions any time you like. So if you'd like to stay updated that's the place to be. Links will be added to my inclusivity and diversity page.

Carly x

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