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It's Still Not Safe For Women To Feel It All

Last week I was setting up the central altar for our Wild Woman Yoga class. I popped on a playlist and found myself dancing, singing and flooding with insights and creativity. I always, always have to re-remember how creativity comes alive in movement not in staring blankly at a notebook or, even less so, a computer.

One of the crystal clear insights that came to me was that the things that a woman needs to thrive, particularly when there has been a gross injustice to her being, are exactly the kinds of things that society would deem 'madness'.

When we are connected to our bodies and centred in our hearts and wombs, we cry with ease, we feel with others, we sing spontaneously, dance freely, frolick in the flowers, talk to the trees, howl at the moon, orgasm loudly, think profoundly, cackle from our bellies, roar with rage, scream with pain and intuitively allow all that is arising in our beings to guide us through our feelings.

It's a story as old as time. Women feeling anything more than mild displeasure or joy are labelled 'hysterical'. Women connected to their bodies and the land were burned as witches if they dared be seen in their power.

We are deeply feeling, highly sensitive creatures with a tremendous capacity to sense, feel and heal. When we are connected to earth, to source, to centre we have everything we need inside of ourselves and within our communities.

But when we are cut off from this power, taught to choke back our tears, ignore our feelings, quieten our voices, stiffen our bodies, suppress our impulses, reject our intuition, soften our laughter, be compliant, be polite, be good, be still and then all that is arising in our beings begins to consume us until we can no longer pacify our inner wildness and it either implodes into depression and collapse or explodes into rage and 'hysteria'.

When we try to show up in the way society expects us to in complete opposition to the way we feel inside we slip into mental unwellness of all kinds.

And so here goes one of the most vulnerable and painful things I've ever shared...

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Carly x


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